Institute Hydroproject started the design work

large hydro in Vietnam

"Institute Hydroproject" continue designing large power plant Lai Chau (1200 MW) on the Da River (Black) in Vietnam. The contract for the provision of consulting services in the development of working drawings was signed with the Vietnamese company Ress-1.

Lai Chau hydroelectric complex includes a gravity dam of compacted concrete (RCC) height of 137 meters, the reservoir capacity of 1,215,000 m3 dam power house with three hydraulic units with a total installed capacity of 1,200 MW. In accordance with the overall construction schedule start of the first unit is scheduled for the first quarter of 2016, and the input power plant at full capacity — in the fourth quarter of 2016.  

The new plant is designed to meet the growing needs of Vietnam’s electricity. "The economy of Vietnam in the last decade developing dynamically, — said Alexander Volynchikov, Director of Operations — Chief Engineer of JSC" Institute Hydroproject. " — Power is also showing rapid growth. Hydroelectric system for Vietnam is a complex water management facilities. In addition to generating electricity, its purpose — to prevent flooding during high water. This will vigorously develop agriculture without fear of crop loss in the season of heavy rains. "

In addition to signing the contract, the subject of negotiations with Ress-1 was the subject of further active participation of the Institute in the development of hydropower in Vietnam. Discussed the prospects of expanding the Hoa Binh hydropower and Yali, design and construction of pumped storage in the north and the south of Vietnam, participated in the design of structures and systems that provide industrial water nuclear power plant in Vietnam.

Lai Chau hydropower plant is the last stage of the cascade hydropower top on Da River in Vietnam. Already commissioned Cascade Station — Hoa Binh hydropower plant (1,920 MW) and hydro SonLa (2400 MW) were also designed by the Institute Hydroproject. The deduced at full capacity last year hydroelectric SonLa has one of the highest gravity dams of compacted concrete (138 m) in the South-East Asia.

Russian hydropower traditionally cooperated with Vietnam. In addition to the listed hydropower, project of JSC "Institute Hydroproject" in Vietnam were built such large objects as Yali HPP (720 MW) power plant Chian (420 MW) power plant Thamt Juan (320 MW), Thac Ba hydroelectric power station (120 MW) and others.

Vietnamese company JSC "Energy engineering and consulting company number 1» (Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company № 1, PECC1) performs design work and engineering services for water conservancy and hydropower facilities in the north of Vietnam.

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