Institute of Democracy and Cooperation: Human Rights in the U.S.

Institute of Democracy and Cooperation, which is a branch in New York, deals with issues of Russian-American dialogue, spread new annual report on the state of human rights in the United States.

One of the main sources of a variety of human rights issues in the United States, the report called the police, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies of the country. Number of violations "demonstrate the danger of general police culture, world police, who believe that they belong to a select group of society that lives by its own laws."

According to the Institute, in autumn 2011 there was information on the participation of police officers in New York in the illegal arms trade, slot machines and cigarettes. In addition, seven officers of the Anti-narcotics were convicted for having planted drugs innocent people in order to fulfill arrest quotas. It is noted separately that such cases do not attract the attention of the Department of Homeland Security NYPD.

According to the authors of the report, as was the usual practice of U.S. intelligence, when introduced to the Muslim community agents "not only for promptly informing the authorities about the mood in these communities, but also to provoke the individual members of these communities, especially young people, to organize terrorist acts."

"We can assume that one of the causes of this practice has become xenophobia still exist in individual employees of American law enforcement agencies."

The conclusion of the above is: "The difficulties the U.S. in an international context seriously weaken the position of official Washington's claims to establish international standards for human rights protection," — said the report authors.

Foundation "Institute for Democracy and Cooperation" was founded in 2007, its founders were 15 community organizations that represent different segments of civil society in Russia. In New York, his office was registered in January 2008.

In this regard, I would like to recall the recent outrage persistent senator from Kentucky, who told the press about the appalling human rights violations in the United States, the multi-and many «gazillions».

Narochnitskaya Natalia, historian, political scientist, doctor of historical sciences, senior researcher at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences:

— Where there are people there and a violation of their rights and the rights of others. It is ridiculous to think that there are some exceptions, have long understood that human rights themes has long been a political instrument of pressure.

Human rights themes — a tool that draw against countries that need to push and never used in countries where there are egregious violations, and in general there is nothing like Western democracy. But these countries are in the orbit of the right policy, so no one bothers them.

I once worked at the UN Secretariat for eight years, there has been full of films about how the police abused on racism, this universal phenomenon.

I had a friend — an Englishwoman, we are together in one room sat and talked. She is very open and sympathetic to us. Since it began in the mailbox to put "advertising" materials on the Soviet Union. She came under suspicion because of what I did rapropagandirovala in a spirit of sympathy for our country.

Reports of human rights violations have already been made, the fund Historical perspective even printed it. Lavrov it on one informal meeting gave it seems to Condoleezza Rice. I remember then, when we are on our website "Century" opened it, it was a lot of visits from the computers of employees of the services of the United States.

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