Institute of Steel has created a set of protection for the new Russian armored vehicle Typhoon

In June, completed phase of the prototype of a new family of multi-purpose armored army, known under the code "Typhoon". The main difference between the new family of analogs, both domestic and foreign design — is inherent high level of protection. It surpasses even those requirements that put the foreign military today in front of their heavy armored army vehicles universal purpose.

Armored protection of the family "Typhoon", which was worked out by specialists and created Institute of Steel, has incorporated many of the decisions that are used here for the first time. The integrated ceramic armor to protect the basic projections cars, new solutions for mine protection, including minozaschischennye seats for the crew and troops, glazing with protection from small caliber weapons, armor steels brand new, still remains the best armor steel in the world — these are just some of the new items Protection which were first applied here.

"It is encouraging that domestic enterprises are beginning to produce armor materials, such as ceramics, in no way inferior to the best world standards. These materials we can safely use in the construction of structures and protection, and that they allow us to perform even these stringent requirements for the protection of which have been set in relation to the military machines of the family "Typhoon" — said the president of JSC "Institute of Steel", the Director of Science, RARAN Academy, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Valery Grigoryan Armenakovich.

Unlike previous attempts to create a Russian Defense Ministry highly protected armored vehicle with a high-performance chassis-based production of trucks and did not continue, the new development — a family of army armored multi-purpose "Typhoon" is based on a special chassis designed for those loads experienced by armored car in combat missions.

JSC "Research Institute of Steel" — Russia’s largest developer and manufacturer of integrated security systems:, vests, bronekomplektov, helmets, electric shock batons, shields, blast inhibitors, rentgenozaschity, fire protection equipment, systems, comprehensive protection of heavy and light armored vehicles and stationary objects. Since 2010, has been run by the MCC "Concern" Tractor Plants "(included in the Machinery & Industrial Group NV). Actively interacts with the JSC "Kurgan" in the creation and modernization of defense for the BMP and BMD.

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