Institute of Steel manufactured and delivered Party protective suits sapper doubloons The Ministry of Defence

In November Institute of Steel completed the manufacturing of a sapper protective clothing and successfully passed their customer — the Ministry of Defense. MCS "Doubloon" — a rather complex and time-consuming product. Some titanium armor elements in it more than 50 pieces. In addition, competition for the PCL Defense Ministry announced only in the month of July, so in order to fulfill the specified time, it was extremely difficult. However, the institution coped with the task.

MCS "Doubloon" today is in service with virtually all parts of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense Corps of Engineers, and its counterpart "Barrier" — in the police in many cities of Russia. High levels of anti-bullet and ballistic protection over the entire area, including the arms and legs, comfortable design kit that allows sapper easy to move around and perform combat missions, make "Doubloon" one of the best among the domestic counterparts.


JSC "Research Institute of Steel" — Russia’s largest developer and manufacturer of integrated security systems: body armor, bronekomplektov, helmets, electric shock batons, shields, blast inhibitors, rentgenozaschity, fire protection equipment, systems, comprehensive protection of heavy and light armored vehicles and stationary objects. Since 2010, has been run by the MCC "Concern" Tractor Plants "(included in the Machinery & Industrial Group NV). Actively interacts with JSC "Kurgan" in the polls creation and modernization of defense for the BMP and BMD.

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