Instructions from the Americans

Subject idiotic instructions that accompany the producers and sellers of the goods in the consumer market in the U.S. is quite well known. When you read the label on the box with the American products can not help feeling that the product is intended solely for the insane.

On the one hand, in America, there is really insane — target destinations idiotic warnings. Still, the main goal of these instructions do not help the fool, and protection from lawsuits. Dreaming to get rich overnight, the Americans made a real terror manufacturers and covered them with lawsuits for providing incomplete information about the product. Jumped out of the car at a speed of 80 km / h — blame the manufacturer, it is not specified in the instructions that you can not do that. That is why in the instructions to the car appear warning like: "You can not use a match or other open flame to check fuel level" or call "not to use the phone book while operating a moving vehicle."

Below is a collection of such idiotic statements do not "to" and "from" Americans.

On the bottle of water, "Remove the cover and set it aside. Do not put the cap in his mouth. "

On the bottle of mineral water: "Suitable for vegetarians."

On the bottle of mineral water Volvic: «The bottle is made specifically for mineral water Volvic. Do not fill it up again. "

On the bottle of champagne Moet: «Remove the label before placing in the microwave."

The label on the box with sneakers Puma: «The average number of items in the box: 2".

The packaging of shower caps: "Size: one head."

At the children's Superman costume: "Wearing the costume does not give the ability to fly."

On the blanket: "Do not use to protect themselves from the hurricane."

The packaging of cycling suit: "Does not protect against injury of the body not covered by the suit."

On the package of birth control pills, "Do not use if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or might be pregnant."

On the package of children's cough syrup, "Do not drive a car and do not operate complex technological equipment while under the influence of this drug."

On a box of sleeping pills: "Warning! May cause drowsiness. "

The packaging of condoms: "Do not drive a car, when you use our product."

On the packaging balonchika tear gas: "May irritate eyes"

The packaging of detergent for carpets: "It is also safe for carpets"

On the package of rat poison: "Warning! Causes cancer in mice! "

On the soap box Dial: «Instructions: Use as a regular soap."

On the bottle cleaner bath: "For best results, wash your bath when it's clean."

On the packaging of shampoo for dogs: "Do not feed the fish content of the bottle."

The packaging of washing facilities Palmolive: «Do not use for food."

Instructions for dried bobcat urine, which is used to deter pets from garden plants: "Not to be used against the people!".

Instructions to the hair dryer: "Do not use while taking a shower"

Guide to electric lamps Panasonic: «Designed for use in the dark as the light source."

Guide to electric: "Caution! Not intended for drilling teeth! "

Instructions for the lawn mower, "Before mowing, make sure that the grass is no small cattle, do not point the instrument on real people as a result of the winding body parts on the moving parts of the instrument!"

Instructions to the washing machine: "Do not wash cats," "Do not shove people inside."

Instructions to the microwave: "Not suitable for live animals."

The instructions to the microwave Funai «Do not use as a lamp."

Instructions to the dryer of Sears: «Do not use in a dream."

On the iron Rowenta: «Do not iron clothes on body."

On the Swedish chainsaw: "Please do not try to stop the chain with your hands or genitals."

The instructions to the microwave oven: "It is forbidden to dry pet" (the inscription appeared after an American housewife tried to dry it in the microwave just redeemed our cat).

The instructions to the camera: "The camera can operate only when the inside is a film."

Japanese food processor: "Attention! Can not be used in another way. "

The inscription on the lighter, "Do not use in a pants pocket."

The drafters of the electronic tax declaration warned that the filling of this document should not be done during working hours, especially in areas where there is a complex production process. In particular, the declaration does not have to fill in "at nuclear facilities, where an accident can result in death or material damage."

On a box of electric Christmas tree garland: "Only use inside or outside."

On a bicycle rear-view mirror: "Remember: Objects in the mirror are actually behind you."

Memo company producing greeting cards: "Christmas greeting cards is to give on Christmas Eve."

On the packaging for the car's steering lock: "Attention! Remove lock before driving. "

Poster, set on a small railway station: "Attention! Doing so will cause a high voltage wires instant death. Violators will be fined. "

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