Insulation materials market in 2011 grew by 20%

Insulation materials market in 2011 grew by 20%

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Energy-saving technologies are in high demand today: then to pay less for energy resources, consumers are willing to pay for higher-quality materials. "In 2011, the market volume totaled 26.5 million m3" — says the commercial director of "Saint-Gobain Isover" Oleg Makarov. According to market participants, the year the market has grown by 10-20%.

The largest manufacturers of insulation materials in Russia are ROCKWOOL, "Saint-Gobain Isover," "TekhnoNikol" and URSA. On the whole, the Russian market is characterized as highly competitive insulation, with a lot of international and Russian companies.

"In the domestic market insulation players always had more than in the same markets in other countries — the director of marketing ROCKWOOL Russia Irina Sadchikova — In the last few years, their number has decreased: some companies failed to survive the crisis, while others refocused business . "

According to expert forecasts, barring any unforeseen circumstances in the economy, in 2012 the demand for insulation grow by only 7-10%. Slower growth is due to the fact that after the crisis in 2010-2011, finishing work items initiated before him. "This year, investment in new facilities is not much, but most of the objects frozen in a crisis, is completed," — says Oleg Makarov. Major construction projects now — are objects constructed within the framework of federal programs, including the Olympic construction in Sochi.

However, the driving force of the market is still a private house building, as due to the crisis, many industrial and civilian targets were frozen, and the investment in them declined. "The market needs to grow, not only because of the large volume of construction, but also because, for the effective protection of buildings against heat loss is required to use a significantly larger amount of heat insulation materials", — the head of the marketing department, "URSA Eurasia" (URSA) Andrey Titov.

During the construction of private homes most in demand lightweight materials for roofs and walls, and in the industrial housing construction — for insulation walling: facades, exterior walls, flat roofs.

In general, in Russia, as in most countries, including European countries and the U.S., the most popular insulation materials based on mineral fibers: glass wool and stone wool, says Andrey Titov.

"More and more consumers are choosing environmentally friendly products, safe for the environment and human health — complements Irina Sadchikova — so the demand for products, based on natural raw materials is increasing every year."

"The steady increase in energy prices and the winter cold will help to develop the market of products designed to save energy," — says Andrey Titov. Russia has adopted a law on energy efficiency, according to which by 2020 should reach a certain level of energy efficiency. Now we are discussing a new version of SNIP "Thermal protection of buildings." On the whole, the potential for market development is great — the consumption of insulation per capita in Russia today is very low.

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