Intaugol acquires new equipment

OJSC "Company" Intaugol "begins a large-scale modernization of the worn material and technical base of the shaft. For the first time in many years now ordered two road headers EBZ-150 and CP-21 processor and mining KSW-460EN total value of 100 million rubles. Delivery of equipment is expected this fall . Staff training mining shearer carried out by specialists from Poland, where the unit is made. also purchased two modern Komatsu bulldozer and three Mercedes truck to transport rocks in the dumps.


As the CEO Dmitry Dobychin until the plans are re-implemented at the expense of the new owner, but in the future the company will be able to rely on their own strength, as early as this year, plans to dramatically increase revenue. This was made possible thanks to the restoration of normal operation of the mine and the changed pricing "Intauglja."
 "Since the second half of 2012, we do not sell coal at low, as before, and at fair market prices. Through working capital provided by the new owner of the company" Intaugol "failed to provide regular deliveries and to restore the order book, distraught over recent years. New Equipment in the long term will increase production by 20 percent, which ensures stable salaries to miners and the company — the development. For the first nine months of the tariff rate of wages has increased by 12 percent, and by the end of the year the increase will reach 18 percent. was possible to normalize the situation and to timely payment of money: now salary delays in the company is not, whereas in the beginning of the summer, they could be 3-5 days. "

According D.Dobychina, Polish harvester has been tested and will be delivered in the Subpolar by October 1, and the other two at the mine waiting until December 1. Purchase of equipment in such quantities in the mine is considered a landmark event as the last mining harvester was purchased more than five years ago.

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