Intel will continue to invest in the Ukrainian project Open World

 In the first international business conference ABC: Ukraine & Partners director of education Intel, manager of corporate affairs at Intel CIS Tatiana Nanayeva reported that their company will continue to invest in the national project "Open World".

According to her, Intel believes in the success and importance of this project and it is for this reason that their company began to invest in it. 

"This investment in the future, investment in human capital. It covers best practices of the educational process, it provides for the implementation of an integrated system of innovative solutions computerization of secondary education in Ukraine ", — said Tatiana Nanayeva.

She also said that the project in Ukraine will be able to computerize the system-secondary educational institutions in Ukraine, providing individual attention to each child.

"We believe that an investment in the training of innovative, creative workforce that is able to improve the economy of Ukraine", — Nanayeva added.

The national project "Open World" is one of 17 national projects approved by the President of Ukraine in 2010 as a priority in the socio-economic development of the country.

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