IntelLeks brings together railway and customs.

The system ETRAN developed by JSC "IntelLeks" for the execution of documents for rail transport to the 11th anniversary of the introduction of a functional breakthrough occurred in the part of the interoperability of JSC "Russian Railways" and the Federal Customs Service of Russia. 

September 17, ETRAN system was 11 years old. Expanding its functionality over the last year can claim the long-awaited integration of the information space of the railway and the customs service.

Launched in 2012, the issue of cross-border data exchange in rail traffic continued in 2013, the organization of electronic interaction between JSC "Russian Railways" and the Federal Customs Service of Russia. Electronic documents on the export of goods from Russia to the customs territory of the Customs Union formed already in commercial operation. Since the summer of 2013 is the formation of trial operation of electronic documents for the import of goods.

Continues to expand the number of countries involved in cross-border data exchange in international cargo transportation by rail. At the moment they have six: Finland, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The Russian side made out invoices in the system ETRAN.

Recall that the first e-invoice has been issued in ETRANe September 17, 2002 at 07:48 Moscow time on station Zlobino Krasnoyarsk Railway. Currently, the system works ETRAN 32 thousand users from 13.4 thousand organizations, including 10 thousand to 5.8 thousand people from organizations that are not subdivisions of JSC "Russian Railways". The system is made on a monthly basis more than 1.5 million invoices for transportation.

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