IntelLeks develops enterprise management system at JSC Freight One

5 years ago, November 22, 2007, to JSC "Freight One (PGK)" through the mechanism of "One Button" was transferred to the first car. ACS software suite NGL developing together with JSC "Freight One" covers important business processes. Over the past year ACS ISC learned to manage the repairs of cars has been improved calculation system with customers before the end of the year plans to launch a management accounting system parts cars.

"For five years, the system of enterprise management information system is the basis of NGL our business in terms of accounting and payments for services rendered to customers, companies operating rolling stock" — sums up the development of the software system the head of the Department of Information Technologies JSC "Freight One" Dmitry Bogomazov.

In 2011, in Rostov, Saratov and Voronezh branch of JSC "Freight One" was put into commercial operation the automatic distribution of cars in scheduled repair, developed by "IntelLeks." Developers’ IntelLeks "have continued to work in this direction in 2012.

Until the end, the developers’ IntelLeks "plan to run in the JSC" Freight One "software module that extends the functionality of ACS ISC. "Management Accounting details of cars" will be part of the subsystem "rolling stock repairs." The test installation on the production server JSC "Freight One" is scheduled before the end of 2012.

To account for the details in the FCC established a special department "Department of Accounting and repair of spare parts." The new software module designed to automate the work of employees in that department with a bank license of parts needed to repair cars. The issue is particularly relevant accounting for cast parts because of their scarcity in the market. The bank for all items will be displayed their current status, maintainability, availability, and other characteristics. In addition, it permitted discharge data from the price list of spare parts for any part of any period.

Freight accompanies the development of information system development of the enterprise. October 11, 2012 "Independent Transport Company" (NTC) has been leased to JSC "Freight One" 27,623 freight cars. Combined fleet in the independent management of JSC "Freight One" now has about 200,000 cars. In connection with the transfer of the rolling stock Company "NTK" under the management of JSC "Freight One" introduced new schemes that will not only allow ISC STC and simplify internal and intercompany transactions with customers, but also to help implement joint business processes. Automation schemes mentioned in the ACS FCC implemented the developers of "IntelLeks."


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Company "IntelLeks"( Is a leader in the market of software development in the field of transport logistics (IT Logistics), is a developer of automated ETRAN, which are made 100% of rail freight in Russia. The company "IntelLeks" several times been awarded the "Partner of the Open Joint Stock Company" Russian Railways "in the nomination" The best supplier of IT solutions, "and in 2007 was nominated for the award" Golden Chariot "in the" Project of the Year of Russian transport industry. " In 2012, the project of "IntelLeks" "Fleet Management technology-based ITM» was awarded "Company of the Year" in the section "Software" for the contribution to the real economy.

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