Interactive lessons from the company Interlink

Interlink company that supplies computer equipment, devices, large format printing, equipment for training and presentations, reports a new campaign "Interactive lessons with the perfect image." On the interactive sets the discount of 25%. The campaign started in April 2013 and will run through June. Discounted packages can be purchased online Epson. 
Interlink company was founded in 1991, was the delivery of complex specialized computer equipment from the United States. Over the years the company has moved into the category of value-added resellers and system hubs.
The company strives to maintain reasonable prices for the equipment while maintaining a wide range of products. On sale is always widescreen graphics systems and interactive whiteboards known brands Epson, NEC, QBoard, Panasonic, TraceBoard, SMARTTechnologies. The company is among the top sellers of Russia, has many awards and certificates.
The system includes more than twenty-five thousand items of computer technology, there are special conditions for delivery, installation and configuration. Shares are held regularly. So action "Interactive lessons with impeccable image" will no doubt appreciated the heads of educational institutions, as it gives the opportunity to purchase sophisticated interactive equipment at an affordable price.
"Through interactive equipment educational process becomes a creative and fun. Modern interactive kits allow you to draw, make changes to the image directly on the board. You can control the interactive whiteboard as a special marker and touch of the hand. Welcome to take advantage of bargain now and prepare for the future of the school year, "- said the head of Alexander Kozlov.
The price for kits with Epson had read 99 thousand rubles.
Information about the company
Interlink company implements sophisticated computer equipment that supplies from the U.S..
The range of companies you can find a variety of equipment: equipment for presentations, interactive sets, laptops, printers, including large format printer.
Installing and configuring equipment and training to operate the equipment. The site You can get more information about the company.

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