Interactive map loading centers of power 35-110 kW in Chelyabinsk region

Today, the "Urals" presented an interactive map of spare capacity (load centers of power 35-110 kW), Chelyabinsk region. The event was attended by representatives of relevant ministries and departments of the Government of the Chelyabinsk region, the Legislative Assembly of Chelyabinsk region, the State Committee "Single Tariff Body Chelyabinsk Oblast ‘, South Urals Chamber of Commerce, community organizations" Support of Russia "and" Business Russia ", the Association of small Urals Energy.

Interactive map developed by the specialists of the branch of JSC "MRSC of Urals" — "Urals", with the participation of the South Urals Chamber of Commerce. The main objective of the new resource — a clear and reasonable assessment of the possibilities of technological connection to the networks of "IDGC of Urals" in all areas of the region.

At the moment the card is placed in the public domain on site of the South Urals Chamber of Commerce, that will allow for a few minutes to learn about downloading grid anywhere in the Chelyabinsk region. In the near future this information will appear on the corporate site of "IDGC of Urals," as part of a single information resource for three regions where the company operates.

In green on the map indicates areas where there is sufficient capacity for the connection of energy-intensive industries, red — power shortages territory. "Interactive map of the region — a kind of guide to the resource capacity of consumers. The map clearly marked area where most advantageous to begin construction of new facilities, as well as designated places where there is a shortage of energy resources, "- said Deputy General Director of JSC" IDGC of Urals "- Director of" Urals "Igor Butakov. — "Thus, the map will help members of the business community to evaluate the possibility of a territory of the Chelyabinsk region in selecting the future location of the enterprise, as well as more accurately plan the development of their business in the coming years."

In the development of an interactive map of spare capacity of the Chelyabinsk region were taken into account suggestions for content generated by the South Urals Chamber of Commerce during the work with entrepreneurs in accordance with their needs.

Now the card is in the process improvements. It is planned that in the near future, it will be supplemented by statistical data and planned to appear in the areas of infrastructure networks: drainage, heat-electricity and gas, and other resources needed for production.

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