INTERPIPE started cold tests Dneprostali


October 21 INTERPIPE together with the general contractor DANIELI started cold Dneprostali tests, the first in 40 years of metallurgical plant built from scratch in Ukraine. The first stage of testing a new electric arc will last until the end of November 2011

Construction Dneprostali is the largest investment project in the years of Ukrainian independence. The volume of investments — 700 million USD. The new plant is designed to replace the outdated open-hearth production of new electric arc — more technologically advanced, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly.

"From the beginning of the cold tests, we are one step closer to the realization of this ambitious project. For our Company — is testing new equipment, and for the country — the emergence of a fundamentally new steel production — Alexander Kirichko, CEO INTERPIPE. — Each stage of the construction project can be called innovative Dneprostali: the construction of power lines unique to the commissioning of process equipment, which has no analogues in Ukraine. INTERPIPE not just building a plant for the production of steel, the Company creates new standards of cultural production. "

Cold tests provide for a phased inspection of all components, machinery plant in the "no-load" ("cold") mode. The main objective of this phase is to test the readiness for operation of the auxiliary equipment, infrastructure (power supply system, water supply, pipelines), as well as checking the technology. The final stage of the cold test will check the work arc furnace.

"We are ready for the first test of the plant. Recruited and trained personnel involved in the testing phase — said Gennady Yesaulov, director of "MZ" Dneprostal. " — The team of the new plant is young and ambitious. The average age of employees — 33. 60% of them have college degrees. Our employees are multi-level training, which includes training in the enterprises of Ukraine, CIS and Europe. "

As of October 1, willingness Dneprostali is 90%. The construction of the main building of steel plant, plant of ferroalloys and loose, installation of CCM. The tests of the complex energy, the construction of skrapovogo yard, an electric arc furnace, ladle furnace, vacuum degasser.

Cold phase of tests completed in late November and replaced by hot tests. Performance tests Dneprostali planned for the 1st quarter of 2012.

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