Interpipe Steel for 7 months. smelted more than 700 thousand tons of steel

-Mill "Interpipe Steel" international vertically integrated steel pipe and wheel company (TAC) "Interpipe" (Dnepropetrovsk) in January-July 2013 produced 703 thousand tons of steel. According to the agency "Interfax-Ukraine" company representative, in July, melted 94 thousand tons of steel.

  He noted that since the complex was put into operation in January 2012 and did not work at full capacity, then we compare the figures for the first seven months of 2012 and seven months of 2013 is incorrect. As reported, "Interpipe Steel" in the middle of January 2013 produced 500 thousand tons of steel from the date of the first heat January 17, 2012. Currently, the company is gradually increasing monthly steel output, approaching the design capacity, which is 1,320 million tons of steel per year. On a monthly index measuring the achievement of this plan in 2013, the annual value — in 2014. "Interpipe Steel" — the first metallurgical plant built from scratch in Ukraine for nearly half a century, the total investment — $ 700 million plant is a key project for the TAC "Interpipe" aimed at providing pipe and wheel production of its own steel billet. After the plant reaches full capacity of self-sufficiency in steel billet is 90%. "Interpipe" — an international vertically integrated steel pipe and railway wheel producer among the top ten world’s largest producers of seamless pipes and is the third largest producer of rolled railway wheels in the world. The structure of five industrial assets, "Interpipe Nizhnedneprovsk Pipe Plant (NTRP)", "Interpipe Novomoskovsk Pipe Plant (NMPP)", "Interpipe Niko-Tube" and "Dnipropetrovsk Vtormet" and the mini-mill "Dneprostal" branded "Interpipe Steel" . The ultimate owner of Interpipe Limited is a Ukrainian businessman Victor Pinchuk and his family members.…30808/interpajp-stal.html 

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