Interpolitex-2012 demonstrate the scientific and technical potential of the domestic companies

The NGO RIC-Systems, a leading systems integrator and consulting partner in the field of security and control, visited the XVI International Exhibition of State Security "Interpolitech 2012". The exhibition was held from 23 to 26 October in Moscow at the All-Russian Exhibition Centre.

"Interpolitex" — the central event of federal importance, which demonstrates innovative design and the latest technological advances for services and agencies whose activities are related to security. This year, increased attention from visitors enjoyed solutions to identify potentially dangerous persons and objects in crowded places, situational analysis centers, control and management of mobile squads of operational services on the basis of domestic GLONASS navigation technology.

Feature of the exhibition "Interpolitex" — a vast scientific and business program, which is aimed at consolidating the efforts to combat organized crime and international terrorism. Among the most pressing topics proposed for discussion the participants of round table discussions and conferences — the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, the protection and the technical equipment of extremely dangerous and strategically important facilities, communications and interagency cooperation in emergency situations and during public events.

Russia at the "Interpolitex" showed the scale of the accumulated scientific and technical potential: a large number of new products of security equipment, including unparalleled in the international market, provided domestic companies and research organizations.

"One of the unique technical developments that the company offers, emergency services and executive bodies — the mobile control center and communications operational purposes, which includes a set of advanced telecommunication and navigation equipment — says the press service of the NGO RIC-Systems. — The decision to allow rapidly deploy bond in any desired location and remotely coordinate the actions of forces and means, will be indispensable for the security in remote areas, in public places, as well as in areas with damaged in the emergency communications infrastructure. "


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