Interview director of Plastics Oleg Lisitsyn


The company VPK, part of the state the State Corporation "Russian Technologies", gradually upgraded, reaching a new level of production.

The plant "Plastic" for more than 70 years of successful experience in the military-industrial complex, combining the structure output, both military and industrial use. This page was big stories of the Southern Urals, across the country.

If we talk about modern history, most recently in August 2011, the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Plant" Plastics "was transformed into an open joint-stock company" Factory "Plastics", becoming part of the State Corporation Rostekhnadzor.

According to the director of the plant Oleg Lisitsyn, Rostekhnadzor unites dozens of major Russian machine-building, telecommunications, communications, electricity, helicopter, aircraft, development of weapons and ammunition, automotive, machine tool, developers of automated systems, gas turbine technology, biotechnology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and so on. In general, the corporation is a powerful Rostekhnadzor holding joint state-start. The development of public policies for the development and modernization of the industry — the main task Rostekhnadzor.

Contrary to rumors, no closure, no conversion of the plant to produce some other products in the plans of the corporation, whose goal is the development of the domestic defense industry, no.

For reference. The corporation consists of 663 organizations, of which at present is formed eight holding companies in the military-industrial complex, a 5 — to civilian industries. Rostekhnadzor organization are located in 60 regions of the Russian Federation and deliver products to market more than 70 countries worldwide.

Question — in the implementation of technology

— The military-industrial complex is one of the priorities of the State Corporation Rostekhnadzor, — says Oleg Lisitsyn. — Phased implementation of new systems, complexes, individual products — all this and today, and work for the future. The current system of state defense order, until recently, did not fully stimulated the introduction of new technologies in the military industry. It is hoped that this system will change for the better.

In the absence of the state defense order, many companies are forced to rely on export orders.

— Domestic weapons, ammunition have always been considered among the best in the world …

— The best in the world. And today we are in many ways at the forefront. The military-industrial complex — one of the priorities of the state. As before, the military-industrial complex — the focus of all of the best technology, which in turn are used in civil industries.

— The recent focus on the purchase of foreign weapons systems — tanks, helicopters, "drones" and other things — a thing of the past?

— Complexes of French, Italian production made in other countries, and is recognized at the highest level, are not always adapted to Russian conditions. For example, to work in off-road conditions, and low temperatures. Plus, the spare parts for such equipment — also a definite problem.

Speaking of ammo, then only a few countries in the world have a full cycle of manufacture. And the ammunition has always been considered the best in the world.

Today’s developments make it possible to further develop this theme. Ammunition have such characteristics, which no country in the world has ever approached. Some of these developments is closed under trial.

  • Director of JSC "Plant" Plastics "Oleg Lisitsyn


The program of modernizationtion

— Such unique enterprises as Kopeysk, still have a few units in the country.

— Modernization of production targets, including, and to equip the armed forces with new types of ammunition.

In this regard, a special federal program "Development of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation in 2011 — 2020 years."

— The plant is preparing for a major reorganization?

— And it includes new approaches and new technologies, and new products. Becoming a part of the State Corporation "Russian Technologies", we have new opportunities for renovation and restructuring. Will the reconstruction of productive assets under the production of new modern products that are fully compliant with modern military doctrine of Russia, in accordance with a program of military-industrial complex of the country until 2020.

We have developed a project for the modernization of our company. It is about equipping new equipment under long-term items for the Ministry of Defence. Now this project goes through state examination. After that, he will be realized.

So, for example, a technique that today buys Department of Defense — is one thing, the second — equipment this technique ammunition. Without them, the equipment — tanks, ships, planes and stuff, so to speak, just turn in "boxes" or walking units.

The armed forces today are spending more and more military and tactical training. An example of this — the recent events in the Central Military District. And the new software, including training ammunition (with an inert compound) — one of the main tasks.

All experts are well aware that any weapon is lifetime warranty. Say, 10 years. After this time many of the characteristics of reliability fall.
The new leadership of the Ministry of Defense to enter into new contracts, which are the main requirement — Quality assurance during the warranty period. And the manufacturer will monitor the entire life cycle of the operation until disposal.

By the way, all businesses such as ours, and designed for the production and disposal of ammunition.

Disposed of without undermining

— Oleg, ordnance disposal today — an important issue of the day. In this regard, Rostekhnadzor recently published data showing that the damage from the state of emergency in the disposal of ammunition by undermining reached 11 billion rubles, so dispose of ammunition will only industrially. Your achievements allow us to solve such problems?

— Certainly. The head of the state corporation Sergey Chemezov said that the Engineering Union has repeatedly appealed to the authorities as well as personally to the Minister of Defence with a proposal to stop the undermining of ammunition based on the availability of specialized companies in the Russian Federation. As a result, efforts Rostekhnadzor yielded results, and the decision was made to stop such utilization. Now unusable ammunition will only be disposed of by commercial methods. And we are ready to deal with this subject in its entirety.

— This is a fairly expensive technology?

— Yes, it is, figuratively speaking, cheap technology. Typically, this involves a considerable loss.

Today, new types of ammunition and require new approaches to recycling. The new federal program just aims to improve the utilization of this technology.

In my opinion, now it’s just a time to give back to the shells intended for disposal (not destruction) in our industry. She, in turn, will make of these alloys training ammunition — to test their carriages, barrels, tanks, artillery systems on ships, aircraft guns, train the personnel.

Give these to the demilitarization of ammunition — and they come back to the troops. Their body can still be used.

— Oleg, advanced domestic developments also gradually being developed and introduced into production. Thus, the plant mastered the technology of repair ammunition to prolong their service li
fe, how to dispose of obsolete ammunition.

— "Plastics" — one of the leading enterprises and the production of industrial explosives, including recycled content and obsolete munitions. In their demilitarization uses unique safe, resource-saving and environmentally friendly technologies that can free up valuable secondary raw materials, products and materials.

— However, the available capacity, modernization, which is being phased in the enterprise, designed to attract and civil orders, find new investors?

— Certainly. The development strategy of the company — in a constant replenishment of the product range. We always welcome new partners — as consumers of our products, and suppliers of raw materials — and are willing to stable mutually beneficial relationship. Existing space — more than 500 hectares, the available infrastructure, equipment — all to deploy a variety of power on the basis of our production facility.

For reference. Since 2006, the factory began work on the organization of production demilitarization hydrodynamic method hexogen high-explosive ammunition and getting out of recycled RDX new ELVs

— Emulsions, GA.

Cartridges of emulsions intended for HA blasting on the surface during manual loading boreholes of any water content and high strength rock in the temperature range from minus 300 to plus 500 degrees.

  • Working visit to the factory, "Plastics." Photo: the Presidential Plenipotentiary in the Urals Federal District Igor Kholmanskikh (left), a director Oleg Lisitsyn (center), the regional governor Mikhail Yurevich (right).


The plant "Plastics" (part of "Scientific-Production Concern" Mechanical Engineering "SPC" Tehmash ") specializes in the production of conventional artillery munitions, multiple rocket launchers and some types of aircraft weapons.

This is the only manufacturer in the Southern Urals classic commercial explosives used in mining, road construction, the extraction of precious metals and other sectors of the economy. In addition to traditional industrial explosives plant produces water-based emulsion explosives — emulsion. Now successfully mastered the technology of repair ammunition to prolong their service life. This enables us to minimize the cost to get rebuilt, almost new ammunition with a new life.

In accordance with the rules of the old munition works made out of it is extracted and transferred to an explosive production of industrial explosives. The projectile body is cleaned of old paint and machined surfaces. After that, the case is completely painted and filled with new explosives.

As a result, after reconditioning shell meets all the requirements of the drawing documentation, has given the tactical and technical characteristics and the newly installed shelf life is.

The complex problems of disposal of expired ammunition resource factory is engaged in since 1992.

The processes of recycling various kinds of ammunition, end-of-life, provide for the implementation of production processes, including the following steps:
• dismantling of ammunition to the elements;
• extraction of explosives and propellants;
• The use of conversion materials for industrial explosives, creating new recipes PVV and products based on them, production nanoshihty containing ultrafine diamonds (getting nanodiamond charge explosion method for the production of ultra-and polycrystalline nanodiamonds).

* The plant has unique technology demilitarization of ammunition by waterjet cutting.

Thus, of the munitions pose a real threat due to developed and implemented technologies can be learned valuable products that receive a second life.

Over the years, the plant processed hundreds of thousands of deadly products. The rusty hull shells melted down, but on the basis of old explosives developed and obtained new explosive materials and products for the mining industry.

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