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"The future does not entitle us to think long and sway"

CEO of "Uralvagonzavod" Oleg Sienko said in an interview with BUSINESS GUIDE on how to carry out military contracts, which developed advanced weapons and that is of interest to foreign customers.
BUSINESS GUIDE: What is the volume of contracts "Uralvagonzavod" with the Russian Ministry of Defence on the results of 2012? 

Oleg Sienko: For the implementation of the state defense order in 2012 enterprises corporation was signed 11 government contracts and soispolneniya 4 contracts worth more than 13 billion rubles. Growth in government contracts in 2012 compared to 2011 was over 60%. It is worth noting that most of the work is done by long-term contracts (11 long-term government contracts in the amount of 12.7 billion rubles.). This allows us to develop long-term business planning, and without loss of time to start from the beginning of the year to carry out public tasks in the main production areas. 

BG: What armaments were finalized under the military? 

OS: In 2012, the Enterprise Corporation for the benefit of the Ministry of Defense made two brand new model. This is an upgraded 152-mm self-propelled gun "MSTA-S" with a much improved combat characteristics and upgraded armored repair and recovery vehicle ARV-1M to the increased opportunities chassis of crane and winch. Performed and other structural changes that have improved the ability of these machines and took them to a modern level. 

Considerable work was carried out in 2012 and the modernization of the existing fleet of tanks T-72B. It should be noted that this year, we completed the development of a general, not peculiar to us for repair and modernization of the products on the main factory in Nizhny Tagil. But we coped with this task. Taking place in the framework of corporate strategy of horizontal integration, and given the steady increase in demand of that effort, we started development of modernization of T-72B at our plant in Omsk (JSC KBTM). 

As part of the quality management system developed and implemented in a timely manner, in practice the necessary arrangements. Indicators of reliability of the products are laid on the stage of development, are controlled during manufacture and testing and analyzed in the course of operation. 

As part of the special products installed by the customer requirements on reliability and quality of our products are controlled by military missions accredited in industries at all stages of manufacturing (repair), and test products. Objectively speaking, the claims for our products are available. Their cause in most cases is related to the quality of purchased components. This is a working process, we closely cooperate with suppliers and achieve positive change. All appeals of operating our production of military units and the other recipients treated without delay, the necessary measures, including the training of crews operating rules. 

BG: The contracts with the Ministry of Defence cost-effective? 

OS: At the conclusion of state contracts with the Russian Ministry of Defense, we had a number of business matters related to the formation of the prices of our products. In our opinion, this is a normal process, and how to plant, we achieve mutually beneficial cooperative solutions. As for the profitability of contracts with the Russian Ministry of Defense, I can say that we constantly are working to optimize the cost and implementation of modern technologies. But this is not a momentary process, requiring first time. 

BG: Defense Ministry will buy BMPT "Terminator"? 

OS: Unfortunately, the Ministry of Defense does not buy this car. Realizing that the role and place of the product within the armed forces determines the customer in the face of the Defense Ministry, I would like to make a few points. 

Given the experience of the export of this machine, we conducted a number of improvements designed to enhance combat capabilities. This is not the tank support combat vehicle, and the highly protected intelligence and fire complex. 

We are not complacent and continue to progress in the maximum use of the potential of the modernization of the machine, so far, though, focusing only on export. 

BG: At what stage in the development of OCD "Armata"? Is there any progress in this regard? 

OS: We are a responsible approach to work on OCD "Armata". The corporation focused the necessary scientific, industrial, managerial and financial resources not only for the creation of advanced products, but also in pre-production. I would note that as part of this task, we were able to create a design team that combines the experience of the older generation and the talent of young designers. 

An integrated approach to the implementation of the ROC "Armata" allows us to speak with confidence about the timely conduct of the planned actions to implement the tasks of the state program of armaments. 

In the near future it will be possible to evaluate the results of our work. 

BG: How do you feel about the creation of the tank armor on a wheelbase? 

OS: In short, today the benefits of wheeled vehicles in terms of mobility, especially in rough terrain, compared to tracked vehicles are reduced to nothing. Installation is quite powerful weapons at a low level hotel, according to our experts, do not allow the use of armored vehicles as the leading edge, as they do not provide combat operations over short distances. 

An attempt to increase the reservation and bring them closer to the leading edge leads to a decrease in permeability, and the average speed of wheeled and tracked columns on the ground almost the same. Experience in the use of this class of machines shows that fully replace tracked vehicles wheel still does not work. 

BG: What foreign models can compete with the newest tank T-90? 

OS: Speaking of the T-90, I want to recall the history of its creation. In some publications, especially when compared with foreign tanks, there are attempts to shape public opinion on the T-90 as outmoded battle. This characteristic is used in the T-90 tank of 1993. 

But during this time we have significantly improved all fighting properties of the machine: set tysyachesilny engine, significantly increased firepower by installing a more advanced tank gun and gun stabilizer. In the fire control system appeared imager. The tank has a new-formed welded turret, enhanced security and a dynamic range of precision-guided weapons. I say this on the T-90A and its export version of the T-90S. 

The main features of these tanks are not inferior to the basic characteristics of the foreign tanks. And if we consider the figure "cost-effectiveness", the competition in the world of the T-90 in the modified T-90A and T-90C is not. 

But we did not stop there. Using technical and modernizing potential of the T-90S, was created entirely new T-90CM "Breakthrough", which was first shown to the public and professionals back in 2011. 

Retaining all the advantages of this machine, classic layout, we have raised all of its main characteristics. From the point of view of mobility in the car a more powerful diesel tank (1,130 liters. With.), Enhanced transmission while maintaining the layout scheme of transmission of the T-90S in the traffi
c management system installed automatic gear change, the digital panel of the driver and turning the wheel control the tank . Protection applied a new original scheme passive reservation, promising and dynamic protection system jamming laser irradiation. 

Significant changes have been made in the turret. Installed on your machine welded-Rolled new tower construction, allowing to make the ammunition out of the crew compartment and increase the explosion and fire machine. As for firepower, the tank installed a new tank gun with improved ballistics. Fire control system can be called unique. First implemented in practice mode "hunter-shooter" at all-weather through the use of multi-channel and panoramic sights. The use of on-board computer has significantly increased the combat capabilities of the machine and to facilitate the work of the crew. 

On the command handling in the car equipped with modern and advanced navigation and communication systems, implemented the ability to use a tank in a single information space. Adjusting the pan extended the capabilities of the commander on the battlefield surveillance.

Serious attention is paid to the ergonomics of the machine. The increase in the internal volume of the crew compartment, primarily due to the removal of ammunition "outside", the rational distribution of instruments and equipment, a number of activities in the department of management, has created comfortable conditions for the crew. 

Today we went out on the steps of testing the machine and complete its preparations for series production. 

Without undue modesty, I can say that we are proud of this car and are confident that in the near future to our competitors do not like to appear. As for the comparison of the prices, I want to say many foreign customers prefer tanks "Uralvagonzavod", including those due to attractive prices. 

BG: Markets which countries do you see the most promising? 

OS: Our products are known and in demand around the world. And not only tanks. Markets of South Asia, North Africa, the Middle East and Latin America are currently being considered by us as a priority. 

In 2012, it was concluded several significant contracts for the supply of foreign customers of various types of weapons and military equipment of our production. First of all, it T-90S/SK tanks, heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A, engineering machinery, control and testing machines, mortars and a number of other techniques. 

The volume of concluded contracts in the current year is 10% higher than those entered into in 2011. 

Expanded the geography of deliveries, and compared to last year rose by almost a third in the current year the volume of contracts for the supply of spare parts and military equipment. 

BG: Are you going to acquire technology from western countries? 

OS: In considering the purchase of technology abroad, I can say that the greatest integration in this direction, we have achieved for civilian production. 

In terms of military technology, especially technology of the future. You understand that it is a matter of national security and, as a rule, is not exported to other countries. Hope that we offer modern, and even more advanced technology, especially on the strategic direction as the production of armor and others, is not necessary. 

I must say that we are actively using not only the scientific and technological potential of the corporation, but also the latest development of Russian and foreign companies. We have a very close and long-standing ties with the scientific and industrial companies of Belarus, Ukraine, Czech Republic and some other countries. Broad partnership we share with the French companies, especially in the field of thermal imaging technology. 

From the point of view of the saturation of technology art machine park complexes, machining centers, and other technological equipment integration wider. Along with Russian producers are producers in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Japan, China and other countries. Wide horizontal and vertical integration of our businesses in the global market in the strategic plan is very important, especially in terms of technology. 

BG: How do you feel about the creation of a joint production with other countries? 

OS: We produce a wide range of weapons and military equipment. In addition to tanks and vehicles based on them is a self-propelled guns, artillery, naval systems, towed artillery and mortars, intelligence, staff and other machines. We have close relations with many countries, the armies are armed with our weapons. On this basis, the question of the establishment of joint ventures with our foreign partners is important to us, especially in the area of modernization of the old fleet of our production. In this direction, a number of agreements on cooperation with Kazakh, Indian and Algerian partners. 

We are open and ready to expand cooperation with all the countries concerned and have no doubt that in the near future the list of partners in the joint venture will be expanded. 

BG: How strong position of the Russian armored vehicles on the arms market? 

OS: Position of the Russian armored vehicles on the arms market are achieved not only the supply of tanks, but other weapons of our production as well as the range of services, including in parts of the development, production and after-sales support. Given the global trends of development of arms and services, we are now closer to a system of product lifecycle management. The theme is very difficult, but promising and interesting. 

Interview by Ivan Safronov

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