Interview with the designer of IL

  • The birth of the aircraft
  • The birth of the aircraft

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has lost the military transport aviation. Mass-produce IL-76 remained in Uzbekistan antonovskie machines — in the Ukraine. Aviation Complex. Ilyushin, founded in 1933 as the Development Department was the only enterprise in Russia with experience in creating military transport vehicles. ILYUSHIN had to make a difficult choice of the way forward. Continuing to build a wide-body aircraft — IL-86, IL-96, KB has chosen a trunk line of the revival — or rather, the creation from scratch of military transport aircraft. The extent to which this is possible, and the future plans of the said Viktor Livanov, General Director — General Designer of "IL". 

"MIC": Viktor, you have come to KB them. Ilyushin in 1967, when work on the creation of IL-76 had only just begun. What was then and is now the main competitive advantage of aircraft grade IL? — When I came to the company, there is still work Sergei Ilyushin. He taught us: "Do not scold competitors, praise her." You can compare specific: for example, than good IL-96-300, compared with the A340 Airbus. Has its advantages, there are disadvantages, as in every case. But the general opinion of all the operating companies, civil and military: aircraft grade IL possess simplicity, reliability and affordability. It is these requirements at the time stated Sergei Ilyushin. And for 80 years we do airplanes first reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-technologies.

"MIC": Il-76MD-90A possesses these qualities?

— Base plane that we launched today in Ulyanovsk, has kept all the positive qualities he possessed over 40 years. This performance advantages, and simplicity, and the possibility to operate on remote airfields, away from the bases, and reliability.

"MIC": Please list the major innovations Il-76MD-90A. What do they give?

— Modernization undergone about 70 percent of systems and components. Aircraft 40 years since its flight operations. We replaced the subsystem to be modern, that are more fuel efficient, lighter, more reliable. Made a new wing, getting weight loss of more than a ton and reduce the complexity of its production by 20 percent.

The PS-90A-76 is more economical than the D-30KP-2, which was brought up to the base plane and still stands on the main park. With this engine aircraft meets all the requirements of the ICAO noise, chapter 4 in particular, and emissions. Although the engine slightly heavier and larger in diameter.

"MIC", "glass cockpit" — a tribute to fashion?

— No, it is primarily the reliability and safety of aircraft operation and to facilitate the work crews. On older cabs worth a few tens of devices for them is quite difficult to follow, and the "glass cockpit" Il-76MD-90A except for navigation, flight conditions only responds to failures. If everything is normal to the plane, the pilot can fly and fly.

"MIC": How to increase the range, carrying capacity?

— Maximum payload basic aircraft — 40 tons. Il-76MD-90A — 60 tons maximum. Flight range of cars has increased by about a thousand kilometers by reducing the weight of the empty aircraft and engine efficiency.

"MIC": What do the pre-market assessment of the machine, as far as aircraft will be in demand?

— We assessed the market for military and civilian applications. MOE on Il-76 perform a variety of non-military functions, which will be expanded. Recently, we have transported the wounded children from Belgium on Il-76, in the version equipped hospital. Unfortunately, we live in a troubled world.

As for the commercial part, we have not yet started a marketing campaign to promote the aircraft on the market. First, it is necessary to confirm the performance characteristics and, second, we still believe the main task of the state defense order execution.

"MIC": And yet what are the expectations of export, whether there are agreements with potential customers in addition to the Ministry of Defence?

— We hope that the prospects are very good. Today, more than a hundred flying abroad IL-76 were bought officially, and not resold in the dashing Russian times. Western partners that operate IL-76 are closely monitoring our progress. Few people believed that we all run that plane. We launched it. Now they are waiting for what performance characteristics it will show. In addition, India, Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, everyone wants to feel. Together with Rosoboronexport, we made a plan of marketing works and started to implement it. The delegations of several countries — potential customers to visit our company, saw flying prototype. Some foreign delegations have visited Ulyanovsk to make sure: the plane is flying, and the plant is ready for serial production.

"MIC": What is the maximum load can be at the Ulyanovsk plant?

— It depends on suppliers. Now in the midst of contracting for the first 39 cars with all our suppliers. All very easy, but I think 80 percent of this process has been completed. While previously, by the way, approved by the entire production program Ulyanovsk until 2020, we need to go to 18 machines per year. In my view, this is sufficient to Ulyanovsk — a serious load.

"MIC": At the moment, what other projects exist in Aviation Complex. Ilyushin?

— In early December, after a heavy preparatory work we are with our Indian colleagues began designing multifunctional transport aircraft (MTS) or the Multi-Role Transport Aircraft (MTA).

MTA classification — this is the average military transport aircraft. If the IL-76 have a maximum payload of 60 tonnes, on this plane — 20. We try to make it sufficiently standardized to the Russian and Indian armies are not trained and re-ground infrastructure was ready. Formally, this aircraft on the dimensions, size — half of the 76 th.

"MIC": That is, it is a mini-version?

— No. So we can not say. He has his own niche. The biggest market in the world — it’s just mean military transport vehicles, dvadtsatitonniki. There is a famous, is uniquely American C-130 aircraft. He under 60 years old, but he constantly upgraded and continues to be mass-produced. We ILYUSHIN still regret that stopped producing aircraft such as IL-18. They are in demand today. It was possible to upgrade the engine to deliver a new, modern, new equipment and continue to release it, repeating the fate of the C-130.

"MIC": When we get the first MTA?

— Must go on sale in 2018.

"MIC": On the creation of the aircraft ILYUSHIN work together with the Indians?

— Yes, our specialists work and Indians. We are just at the stage of selecting the final appearance of the materials and components. This aircraft only laid, he will live at least 40 years, so we try to apply it is all new materials, particularly aluminum-lithium alloys. Today, we are discussing with the military regarding the possibility of making a composite tail, which is less susceptible to damage. And also we want to make this aircraft, all systems were new and modern.

"MIC": Do Indians have experience in the construction of transport aircraft?

— No, so they agreed to work together to create planes to go to the school. India for many years, as well as China pursues a strategy is not to buy, and on the creation and production in the country. And it is absolutely correct. Instead of just buyers of weapons Indians want to become complicit design and production. The other side of this collaboration — the investment burden, which is divided into two countries, not only in Russia. It is profitable for Russia. Next — the question of expanding the market. We took the Russian market, took an Indian, and within India it is easier to enter the markets of third countries. Here are the reasons that we, together with our Indian colleagues came up against the joint creation of the aircraft.

We already have the starting order for the two countries — 145 aircraft, it allows you to run the program.

"MIC": As far as now, in your opinion, the situation has leveled off with the military transport aviation in the country?

— Comprehensive modernization of the IL-76 — is the first step in the revival of military transport aviation of the Russian Federation. MTA — the second step. The third step will be the creation of light military transport aircraft. And then we’ll see what will the fate of the An-124. Either we continue this line, upgrading it or offer something new. Unfortunately, the plane is not born very quickly.

Viktor LivanovDirector-Genera
l of JSC "Ilyushin Aviation Complex. Ilyushin "(Moscow) in 1997.

He was born on September 17, 1943 in Khabarovsk. He graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute of Technology in 1967. Since then he has been working on the same aircraft manufacturing plant (now the aviation complex to them. Ilyushin) engineer, the team leader of coordination and analysis of the works, the deputy chief of bureau. In the 1988-1996-m — the director of the aviation complex in the 1996-1997-m — Deputy Minister of Defense Industry of the Russian Federation. Academician of the Russian Academy of Transport and Aeronautics Academy. Laureate of the State Prize of Russia (2000), awarded the Order "Badge of Honor" Friendship of Peoples, "For Services to the Fatherland» IV Degree. He is married and has two children. He is fond of historical literature. Author Victor Livanov, Alexander Notkin

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