Intrauterine fetal blood transfusion was first made in the Tomsk perinatal center

In Tomsk, the first time an operation of the field of fetal surgery. Its made in the regional perinatal center with experts Institute of Medical Genetics of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

Over the course of the operation with the help of online translation followed the doctors at Yale University (USA), since there has one of the best medical schools, which the experts have a lot to learn in the field of modern approaches to helping pregnant women in terms of fetal surgery.

As described in the Tomsk regional health department, a pregnant woman was found to Rh — blood incompatibility with your child. The most effective method of treatment, which allows you to keep the pregnancy and to bring to the optimal timing of delivery, a fetus in utero transfusion. The first operation was successful, and before the birth of a child is scheduled to make three more transfusions.

Regional Perinatal Center in Tomsk, which opened in early 2011, provides specialized, high-tech, patient care in the field of obstetrics, gynecology, neonatology, anesthesiology, critical care medicine primarily the heaviest contingent of pregnant women and newborns, as well as a violation of women’s reproductive health. The establishment is designed for 110 beds. The center has ten delivery rooms, two maternity operating, operating for newborns and can take more than two thousand births per year. Patients are referred to the perinatal center with all the Tomsk region. Clinic and laboratory work.

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