Introduced by the second unit hydroelectric SonLa

Put into commercial operation of the second unit hydroelectric SonLa in Vietnam, which is a technical project developed by JSC "Institute Hydroproject" (JSC "RusHydro").

Waterworks SonLa on Da River is one of the largest hydroelectric facilities in Southeast Asia. Its installed capacity — 2400 MW, and the capacity of each unit — 400 MW. Thus, the start of the second unit already makes it possible to generate a third of the electricity from the planned volume.

According to the chief engineer of the project Alexander Volynchikova, specialists of the Institute proposed a number of non-standard layout decisions, so from the beginning of design development and documentation prior to commissioning of the first two hydroelectric took only 6 years old. At the same time to achieve full compliance with the technical standards of design of both the Russian Federation and the leading foreign countries.

Commissioning SonLa will secure central Vietnam from flooding during flood peaks, making this a promising area for development. As noted by Alexander Volynchikov, accumulation in the reservoir flood SonLa and regulation of waste will allow more intensive development of agriculture of central Vietnam, without fear of crop loss in the season of heavy rains and typhoons.

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