Invasion of the Clones

Part 2. Domestic Notes

Abused childhood

Let us talk about the sport. Since he is now "on the rise".

We need to remember that the modern sport — the so-called sport of high achievement — has nothing to do with the physical health of the nation. Moreover, it will cripple even those who breaks into it.

Sport has become a subject not even national, but rather a perverse pride in the club, a factory for the sale of specially grown elite stallions and mares with a short-lived age of material filled with meaningless nennym run for records that are not needed.

The ancient Greeks, which we like to refer to matters of sport, this simply would not understand. For them, the sport was a means of preparing the citizen-soldier, that is, it is that to which we should aspire. [Cut]

Understand that won a split second, centimeters, points, and did not give the nation, except for some false sense of "achievements."

What are we to do with the fact that someone ran a hundred meters by 0.05 seconds faster if 14% of our children’s flat feet?

What a joy for us in the first place ski jumper if the fee pool available 20% of the children — where there is a swimming pool?

Why be proud of sverhmetkostyu hand gun, if the stadiums are open to the public markets and to build a garage?

The purpose of sport — a sport for everyone. General physical development of the nation. Fan, yelling in the stands with a beer in his hand — it is a shame for the country and a sign of her illness.

In addition, the current sports divorced from life. In pursuit of records athletes dress up in something that is not in the people dress, shoes that no one ever obuet, shoot from the fact of what not to shoot in reality.

Activities of the day are so specialized that they simply can not be done while remaining still something other than an athlete.

And from the "forges health" due to chemical preparations (take them all!) And insane overload, it has become a "factory of the chronically ill."

In combat, as well as a modern athlete is defenseless as a normal person. There’s no running around in sneakers and shorts and a T-shirt special. There’s no hand to hand fighting on the mat and not in a kimono.

The issue of physical development should be one of the most fundamental. The current physical condition of young people in Russia so badly that, once again, raises the question of genocide.

In the 40-60s of the twentieth century, Soviet children, teenagers and young men physically (and intelligent!) Have been developed better than all of his peers in the world!

In the early 40’s approached us to Nazi Germany, with its cult of physical strength, but the young Germans are, roughly speaking, a lot dumber their Russian peers.

Later that physical training, as our high school, gave his pupils a few elite institutions of Great Britain and the United States neskolkovekovymi traditions of physical education.

Occurred later than the wild mutation logically I can not explain it — can only go back to the subject of someone’s ill … that is not so unbelievable.

Yes, you can make fun of as many parades of athletes in shorts and T-shirts and waving banners sportobschestva. But the question is what gave those who made fun of these parades, with the time-youth?

I do not believe that everything that happens to us today — "a natural historical process."

Perhaps my lack of faith is ridiculous. And yet, I continue to believe that our troubles — the result of our weak blindness — on the one, and the enemy’s evil intent — on the other side.

Let’s briefly look at how and what "live fifteen republics, fifteen sisters" on which the song was sung in a good, now. Let’s start right in alphabetical order, without pathos, and, if possible, impartially.

1. Azerbaijan — in a state of low-intensity conflict with Armenia and controls a quarter of its territory. And all around on him salivate — the U.S., Turkey, Wahhabi … Remember where the wounded were treated Chechen bandits? Well, That’s right …

2. Armenia — without the support of this Christian country does not survive. And the conflict with Azerbaijan — a matter of time. And not very long.

3. Belarus — please! This — not a paradise. There is much less a set of products on store shelves than we do, for example. However, these products can be purchased by each. One-fifth and one-third harvester heavy dump of the world are produced in Belarus.

There is no unemployment, and the Mafia. There are free education and medicine. Here works of Agriculture and Food of Belarus has independence — she does not buy the food your time abroad.

I would like to believe in fairy tales — that Belarus will become the "center of gravity", Slavic Prussia or Piedmont, which grew around Germany and Italy. But. There it is, is a "but".

Alas. Belarus is surrounded by hostile states. She has a little of human resources and minerals. A rigorous and equitable treatment lasts much incredible willpower Lukashenko. As soon as he leaves (or "go away") — perhaps made them collapse. This is the question of time.

4. Georgia — the largest producer of subtropical fruit and one of the main suppliers of wine in the USSR. Now this country exists due to two things:

1. connivance rossiyanskih leadership, dedication to supply the Georgia telyami energy resources, even when there almost was not threatened by the war;

2. U.S. aid to Georgia seeing convenient springboard for the control of the Caucasus.

Half of adult Georgians working in Russia. Roads, power grid, education — all in the complete breakdown in the country.

Within the territory of Georgia "unrecognized" Republic of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, compared with Georgia are much better and wiser, though they do not have other revenue sources other than sales in Russia tangerines, yes (in Abkhazia) sluggish tourism.

5. Kazakhstan — it is a very complicated country. Of course, there is the oppression of Russian (though non-obvious, dull). But, on the other hand, — part of the proceeds from the exploitation of considerable mineral resources goes not abroad, and not in the pockets, but really in the budget.

Kazakh city prettier and grow. But Nazarbayev — very, very clever man, sword-melting on the basis of fact, a new secular Khan dynasty. He understands that he is dissatisfied with the mass. What will most likely fight for the integrity of the country and for the opportunity to continue had used her wealth.

Understands that the soldiers of the Kazakhs … as if mildly? And the lure of the Cossack Semirechensk-ing … Us he is not an ally, not an ally of the U.S. and the Islamic world, and China … And yet, at this position, Kazakhstan will not stand. No matter how much avalanche Rui …

6. Kyrgyzstan — poor country at the crossroads of the drug mafia clan interests.

The only Central Asian country, in co-Torah understand that without them Russian — Khan (Ned-rum there even made Russian the second state language-governmental and too kind to the Casa-cam!).

But until Russia — far, and this is not Russia, and — the Russian Federation. So, the fate of Kyrgyzstan — to be absorbed or torn apart …

7. Latvia — only exists because it must exist in the plans of NATO — as a barrier on the border with the Russian Federation and NATO naval base.

Resorts extinct. Fishing has slipped to the level of the nineteenth century. The plants are worth. I’m not talking about the Nazi foci of "indigenous people" for which a decent society should have to beat the face-and that, God willing, will still Russian population to revolt. Real.

I am ready to go there as a volunteer — to beat the fascists. That’s right — to beat the Nazis, who, out of kindness, not finished off my grandfather.

8. Lithuania — the most "reasonable" from pribal-tiyskih countries. But even there, the decline of industry, a rollback in all spheres of life, and most importantly — the Lithuanian constant conflict with Poland. Both countries have the audacity remember the Poles, chop off before the World at a third of the territory of Lithuania.

9. Moldova — it was once the largest exporter of wine and the rich now, only one export item: slaves. Or "labor" as they are called evasive.

Poverty in Moldova terrible that people, after-Chiyah there in the 70’s and 80’s of the twentieth century and now, do not believe that this is one country.

But there is an "unrecognized" Transnistrian Moldovan Republic — a country with minimal resources, which has been able to build a working of the real economy and to provide a relatively high standard of living and well-being of its citizens.

Another example of what can be done without allowing the "privatization" and "reforms", even with the blood-personnel potential opportunities!

10. Russian Federation — has long been a federation and confederation, and loose and with a lot of "gray areas". This term refers to the territory, formally incorporated in the state, but actually controlled by other entities.

For this is the whole territory of the Russian Federation east of the Urals (I do not want to believe it, but I consider the witnesses said things that my disbelief turned into horror — it is a question of fact, partisans along the BAM and entire towns completely controlled or mafias, or just desperately shimisya locals!), Kalmykia, Tatarstan, Caucasian republics.

Experience existed on the territory of Russia as an "independent republic" of Chechnya has shown that having a rich endowment of natural resources, the "independent" even just were not able to establish production and plunged into the slave trade, terrorism and financial fraud.

There is no reason to think that even some "national elite" in the territory of the Russian Federation, received authority (and it’s only a matter of time under the confederation), will go the other way.

Visibility "welfare of the people" is only supported by the extensive and uncontrolled sale of non-renewable natural resources and the massive propaganda campaign in the media.

11. Tajikistan — is now the seat of various clans, waiting for opportunities to continue the civil war STI first half of the 90s. According to some people, the war there and did not stop.

It is in Tajikistan (after Chechnya), the activity of Russian cut, and that mass of Tajiks fled their impoverished "independence" — somehow earn.

12. Turkmenistan — after the death of "Turkmenbashi", this country will be stolen by internal clans and international corporations. All because of that gas — and he’s Turkmens higher qual-ity …

Unrealistic? It is unrealistic, yes. From the point of view of the current morality — but not technically. Technically — just completely doable and not just confirmation but in practice.

But "morality rabbit" makes the most of the "stay quiet" part with your fingers and ears, and then, often, hands-free up to his knees and expose the throat under the knife.

Although such luck, apparently, absolutely no-lose anything.

Brought up on the stories of heroes and warriors, teens forties of the twentieth century managed to resist even in the hell of Hitler’s camps. Even without the guidance of adults.

Brought up in the Pokemon and video games, teens nineties of the same age can not preserve the courage to even the slightest risk situation.

No, I do not want to offend everyone. If I had thought of all, I would not write these lines.

People sitting in the four months of the Chechen zindane, told, with what courage behaved sitting with them 12-year-old kazachonok not only retains the presence of mind, but also, Chille finds the strength to support adults.

He cried the first time, but when they still saved …

A lot of terrible and wonderful stories about the courage of Serbian children in the war against the Serbs pro-Nazi sovereign-Croats and Bosnian-bey gangs have told those who had been in the Balkans.

Who fought in the early 90s in transdniestria maybe remember 16-year-old Anton gunners or 14-year-old Igor podnoschika munitions from the battalion "Dniester".

Soldiers of the late General Rokhlin, Sturm-lished Grozny in ’94, do not forget and do not forget the Russian-ing boys and girls called them — well, of course! — "The Elusive Avengers."

In the normal state of all of them would be writing books and made films. They dreamed to be like peers in their absence, by the coffee posters, fell in love to the girls.

Perhaps, and here is intentionally degeroizatsiya our youth?

But the most amazing thing, you know what?

What with all this, we, Russian, remain are capable of things that are beyond the power of (pure morality-but!) People from prosperous world our enemies. It’s inexplicable, but it’s true — and it scares those who have already dropped us from all accounts.

Our people with their own money to buy equipment, weapons and get to the war even beyond the former Soviet Union, because there are "brothers give the country."

Spat upon and abandoned gosmrazyu commandos continued to beat up and down obmundi-centered and well-armed crooks, so that only his beard flying, because "Russian zapadlo give up."

The street boys, despite the constant repression and persecution by the authorities, despite the atmosphere created around them lies and slander, still control the outskirts of our cities, not giving a new turn occu-pant, because "this is our land."

Teachers teach children to love their homeland, scientists at Penny wages make the world a stunning discovery, peasants plow the land and the authorities are struggling with madness …

And all this — at a time when the country was obliged to fall apart has been a few years.

Actually, it has not collapsed only thanks to these people is deeply rooted in the arche-type Russian human postulate "ministry."

From the point of view of "zapadentsev" all of us — and crazy crazy dangerous, which must quickly convert "under the European standard." And they start with our children.

It turns out they have so far not so good. A significant portion of our children still does not answer the tradition of "civil society" — and we have to support and develop discrepancy.

"Soviet Russia", 21-08-2007.

Oleg Vereshchagin

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