Inverter Plant introduced new products during the exhibition Electrical Networks of Russia — 2012

Rectifiers V-TPE-80/40-260/80-UHL4


"Plant" Inverter " presented by exhibition "Electrical Networks of Russia — 2012" Modern design their own science and technology center — the system of direct and alternating current new generation.  

The new development of its own Research and Development Center — rectifiers charging-charging V-TPE-80/40-260/80-UHL4 on the basis of the control cabinet power units operating current 2405 series, converting three-phase AC voltage to DC voltage stable. Rectifiers are used for charging and recharging the battery (AB), including the tail elements and forming.

In the period exhibition "Electrical Networks of Russia — 2012" with experts interregional distribution grid companies and design organizations were discussed for use and maintenance of equipment of JSC "Plant" inverter ", taking into account specific characteristics of each, held talks on the establishment and expansion of cooperation.

In total, during the exhibition, more than 150 visitors to the stand "Plant" inverter "were able to get advice, additional information about the equipment produced directly acquainted with serial samples, and to determine the optimal technical solutions for the correct selection of specific product configurations.

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