Investigative report: women in U.S. prisons were sterilized

without their knowledge

The decision to have surgery took medical personnel on the basis of subjective considerations about the benefits or harm of intervention for each of the arestantok. And if the experts thought that the woman go to jail again, then sterilized. For four years, prison doctors in the state of North Carolina had 150 illegal operations, tubal ligation, according to the Agency for Investigative Journalism (CIR).

Eugenics program in North Carolina suspended in 1977. By that time, — the American edition of The Raw Story, — the victims had to be about 8 thousand people.

The work done over several decades of forced sterilization program in the U.S. has left tens of thousands of women infertile. Initially the project was presented as a way to create a healthy nation. In America, the eugenics program was aimed at poor minorities, the mentally disabled persons or unable to raise their children for other reasons.

In June 2012, the Senate of the State of North Carolina rejected the proposal to allocate money for the compensation program. Some believe that if the money to pay the victims of legitimate programs, it can lead to what would have to pay, and for other cruel realities of American history, such as slavery.

One of the most popular examples of the application of eugenics — a program of racial cleansing in Nazi Germany. It is believed that his ideas about the absolute nation Adolf Hitler drew it in this pseudo-science, which aims to improve the so-called "quality" of the population through forced sterilization of people considered for one reason or another inferior.

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