InvestLesProm starts PPM Kama

At PPM "Kama" (Krasnokamsk, Perm region, is part of the "InvestLesProm") began preparations for the start-up of production after the downtime.

  • The first coated paper
  • The first coated paper

According to the executive director of the plant Sergei Shilov, from November 9, 2012 "TGC-9" resumed the supply of heat energy to the plant in amounts necessary for normal production activities.

In addition, the factory is still negotiating with power to lift restrictions on the supply of electricity to the plant. It is assumed that in the next few days, all the issues will be successfully resolved.

Even today, a reception a couple of CHP-5, started warming up equipment, work is underway on the preparation of the production facilities and pipelines for start of production. Scheduled for November test verification process equipment and mill start of its main elements.

"Financing the necessary measures shall be funded submitted ZAO" Investlesprom "", — the report says.

In the period from 2007-2011,. the mill was reconstructed. During the project, the company created the first production in Russia for the production of LWC paper. The first ton of paper commercial quality were obtained in November 2011 A new paper has successfully passed a test print. The design capacity of the new paper production capacity is up to 86 thousand tons of LWC paper per year.

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