Investment projects are reminiscent of the forgotten small airports.

Began updating its fleet of small aircraft of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Bought the first plane — a new model of the Czech "Elki" (L410). Residents of the "forgotten" in remote areas will again have access to the sky.

Major investment projects are forced to "remember" about the "forgotten" airports. Enter the new aircraft will talk about the second birth airports in Kodinsk, Motygina, Yenisei and Abakan. It’s no secret that many small airports in the post-Soviet era were simply abandoned. They grow old and falling into disrepair. So for a full network will require not only new cars, but also a new ground-based infrastructure.

Obviously, the regional budget alone can not cope with the solution of a global problem. However, experience shows that private investors are willing to invest in this area, when it is profitable. A brilliant example — the airport in Igarka prostroenny with the participation of oil companies. Vanqor forced to think about the complete modernization, and in fact, the construction of a new airport in Igarka. Today, such an air gate are the envy of even the Krasnoyarsk.

So the first "Elqui" and new airports — this is only the first signs of the revival of regional aviation.

  • Lev Kuznetsov, examines the new Czech L-410 plane UVPE-20


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