Invisibility cloak now a reality

British physicists were able to do a physical object invisible to microwave radiation. In a certain extent the result obtained is an illusion, because subject may disappear only when viewed at an angle. To achieve this effect in the visible spectrum of a person rather problematic, reports BBC.

Previous work do objects invisible only partially complete concealment could not reach. The problem lay in the fact that the ready objects with which can get an optical illusion of invisibility problem. Now, it is reported that there has been progress. Dr. David Smith and Nathan Lundy was created diamond screen which light waves flow around without any reflections. This effect is achieved due to the fact that the optical characteristics of its apices aligned laborious manner.

The experimental model, according to Dr. Smith, the character resembles the book "Alice in Wonderland" Carroll, because if you put subject on its side, it becomes invisible, but if you look at it from the other side, it can be re- create. "In our opinion, this is the first in the world of the screen allows you to achieve absolute invisibility" — concludes the scientist. Smith has also expressed the view that this discovery will be fundamental in the development of the latest generation of radar or telecommunications equipment.

Samples invent "a cap of darkness" in the scientific community are undertaken in recent years. For example, in October 2006, the South American researchers said they did metamaterial makes large objects invisible. However, as it turned out, the invention was invisible only mikrospektre. All the same, it does not bother British Army, which is interested discovery, has promised to make invisible all: the tanks and personnel.

Group of German scientists in 2010 was able to do stuff that makes objects invisible in the spectrum of waves close to appear in three dimensions. "Invisibility cloak" so they dubbed invention — the structure, the structure of which allows you to get a negative index of refraction of electric waves. Electrical waves that propagate inside of this design will be rejected and encircle subject, making it invisible to the outside observer.

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