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The modern car is quite high class — this is not just a means of transportation, but a real gadget and computer, to say the least — a network of computers. This is all the gadgets gadget with which you can interact, either directly or remotely. What makes him do Pandora DXL 5000 in conjunction with the iPhone — just boggles the mind … or understandable. Let’s try to figure out together. Let me just say one thing — I, like an untrained person, the possibility of this anti-theft system called, to say the least, surprise and disbelief. So genuine surprise and so much mistrust that I had made the trip to Kaluga, where it was developed, and where established its production and beyond. Yes, in Russia are able to create and produce really interesting, high-quality and innovative things, and to support their respective service, but first things first.

Why the pages iPhones.ru I write about car theft and telemetry system? Because it was originally designed with the idea of interacting with your iPhone or iPad, though later adds support for Android, too. But the priority is now iOS client for this platform some functionality of its fellow robots. In addition, as Apple once the smartphone market, "Experimental Instrument Factory"Brought to the area of anti-theft systems, a lot of interesting ideas that are picked up by competitors. He weighed a good kick in the market (at least in Russian) have contributed to its active development.

But aside lengthy discourse, it’s time to talk about the hero of the review, namely that he is, why is allocated among the dozens if not hundreds of car alarms. Although called Pandora DXL 5000 standard car alarm — it’s like a modern take, stuffed with electronics like car cart.

In fact, the product is a highly intelligent car security system with a serious hardware and software filling — in how wrapped up! But I’m not exaggerating. At the heart of Pandora DXL 5000 is based on a full 32-bit ARM-based processor, a powerful radio path and a set of sensors and accessories that are easily integrated with the car, interacting with each other wirelessly. Yes, the wires to drag and trim do not have to pick. That is, for all its tricked, the system is fairly easy to integrate into the car and, more than that, it works directly with the CAN-bus.

Given the vastness of the topic, the article will be divided into several parts. At first, let’s talk about the device, and set its hardware capabilities. Then move on to the software part, which is a closer look at the interoperability Pandora DXL 5000 with the iPhone and iOS-client features, including a live demonstration on video. Naturally, ponder, and the practical application of the advanced features of the product, because any functions 100500 useless if they are of little avail in practice, but this is not our case. And finally, take a walk on one of the production lines where available Pandora DXL 5000. Everything is created and designed in Russia. Production is also our Russian, which is especially nice. And believe me, there is plenty to see.

In Pandora’s box

Pandora DXL 5000 is a top product and has a corresponding set. In most cases do not have to buy more, is that if there is a desire to extend the basic features of the car (the lock on the hood, additional sensors, etc.). Generally, The richer complete the machine, the more opportunities to interact with them will provide the hero review, This is true not only of the security features, but let’s talk about that a little later. Car alarm comes in large and weighty box of very thick cardboard. Outside, stylish white cover with high-quality printing and screen lacquered inside — not less stylish black box:

Open the box and … again, but the board is thinner and without printing. The whole set is laid on individual boxes, which is convenient. Eviscerate the biggest box of the most important parts of the package: the base unit (the brains of the system), RF-module (responsible for communication with the communication between the fob and blocks), GPS-receiver and a radio relay blocking IS-122 (if it is simple, it kills the engine if the difficult, it inhibits the activity of some vital chain, without which the motor turns into a pile of iron). In the same box I found a pair of battery-tablets for RFID immobilizer, plus the cover on the belt for them.

Walk through the blocks and their capabilities separately. I assume that this part will be of interest to motorists, for which the machine — is also a favorite gadget, and not just a means of transportation. In fact, for these people, for car enthusiasts of Pandora DXL 5000 was created. Although this system performs its function irrespective knows all the nuances of the device holder or not. It just works and it’s the main thing.

Thus, the brain of the system — Pandora base unit 5000. With dimensions 102h80h16 mm it fits a lot of useful topping: a sufficiently powerful processor architecture-based ARM Cortex (STMicroelectronics STM32), 2.4 GHz radio interface (for connection to the RF-module, radio relay blocking and other peripheral devices, and service), the streaming CAN- interface (supports up to several thousand addresses at a time, with a maximum speed digital bus up to 1 Mbit / s), the integrated accelerometer interface, mini-USB (for easy updates), GSM / GPRS-modem Telit with a wide range of operating temperatures, plus theoretically, should hold fast connection. In practice, during various tests everything was ok, and also the positive reviews of eyewitnesses.

The main unit connectors for all sorts of goodies, including GSM-antenna. Additional power connectors for connecting peripherals such as there is on the other side, too. SIM-card slot inside.

All the power of Pandora 5000 is concentrated in this block. An important feature in this case is the full support CAN-bus. This is the de-facto standard in modern cars and, in fact, it is a network that connects all sensors and the car. Through it comes to the equipment the team, it goes through the system diagnostics, through it you can get information from all sensors. Effective support of this tire is the key to reliable operation of the protection system.

Pandora supports more than 5,000 500 CAN-protocol from greater than 300 cars (With identical models with different configuration protocol may be different too). With 50 especially heaped models (like the BMW X6, X5, X3, Audi A4, Audi Q5, Mercedes-Benz E-Class (211th body), Mitsubishi Lancer X, Peugeot 4007), the system operates in a streaming mode, which gives more information
from the tire (all statuses, including fuel level) and allows the use of the extended instruction set.

It should be noted that the 5000 Pandora is not the only integrable in the CAN-bus, car alarm systems, there are other competing solutions, but it is important because not only interact with it, but do not interfere with other vehicle systems. The product in question analyzes the incoming commands and, if necessary builds into its own thread in the queue mode and without too much load on the system, both on the program and on the electro-mechanical.

Here’s the situation — is currently hard at work a heating or cooling element (in a climate-control, for example), pumping a lot of power from the electric motor, and suddenly it took to close all four windows (hot summer put on the car alarm). If you give the command to close without an analysis of CAN-bus and the current instruction inside it, it’s just overload the car electric system and the consequences can be sad, or the command will not be executed, being blocked by a firewall. If the necessary actions in series with the power supply inside, then everything will work as it should. That is what interacts with the CAN-bus protocol and Pandora 5000.

Equally important is the complete RF-module (Transceiver Si 4432) in communication components inside the car alarm, and interaction with key ring in the foreground. He works as a signal in the 2.4 GHz band, is transmitted to the base unit, and a multi-channel noise immunity of the radio link (433,9-434 MHz), interacts with the individual labels of remote control provides Hands Free control mode and has two anti-hijack algorithm. It may also interact with additional radio-controlled locking relay (up to three relays) comprises built in light and sound detectors.

It is worth mentioning the use of corporate dialog radio transmitter that system, more simply — is interactive code. Incidentally, this method of encryption used in military aircraft of the Russian Federation, which is already a very powerful recommendation. The name of this method is encrypted how it works. Anti-theft system checks each time that a signal is received from the "" key fob, not a dummy. It is realized in a dialogue: in response to the first signal with the remote system sends a request to him in the form of a random number, which is handled by a special algorithm keychain and sent back. Car alarm compares the result with his own, treated with the same method and if it matches, the command is executed on the remote control after sending confirmation.

They say that everything created by man, it is inevitable and breaks. Yes, to a certain degree of truth. But interactive code is still not broken, and no cases of burglary car alarms fitted to them are not registered. Code-grabbers can not be afraid, they are useless against Pandora DXL 5000, and other systems with a similar method of interaction. In the wireless channel between the blocks to get into the car alarm fraudsters will not be able too, there is a 128-bit encryption algorithm AES. Tank, my friends, is the real tank in terms of electronic security.

But interactive code is only one of several protective barriers, which will talk about later. In the meantime, go back to the complete zhelezyachkam potential to cause a thrill for many motorists, the fans. The next step GPS / GLONASS receiver.

Sensitive and robust module capable of operating at temperatures from -40 ° C to +85 ° C. During cold starts, consumes 60 mA, while tracking — 40 mA. To warm up he needs no more than 45 s, and the hot-start less than 10 seconds. The sensitivity is -147 DBm and -162 DBm during cold start and tracking, respectively. This widget is responsible for tracking the car on satellites and, judging by the stored tracks that I have observed during my business trip to Kaluga, with the task it copes well. GPS / GLONASS receiver is now difficult to surprise, that’s only the case with Pandora DXL 5000 this module reveals its potential somewhat more than usual. The fact that the data on travel, so-called tracks stored on a remote server and the user to their personal information has full access and is not just a colored line on the map. First, access can be made from both the iPhone-client, which will talk to the relevant section or through any web browser by going to the corporate services P-On.

There’s basically a lot of useful information and in addition to the tracks, and they are even more detailed than in the mobile client. For example, it is possible to know the exact speed of each site over the track.

In fact, this evidence base that can be used to their advantage in a controversial traffic situations. In addition, the saved track will help in the future to navigate on the road, if you have to go to the same place. You will know exactly what will drive the distance, where, and how to turn, etc. In principle, the situations in which such tracking is useful, just a huge amount. Gave the car to drive to a relative, and you will know exactly where he skated and performed a promise not to go to the devil horns.

Radiorele blocking IS-122 — And an integral part of the system is quite compact with dimensions 66h54h18 mm. Its easy to place and easy to hide from prying eyes. Type of control code — dynamic, applied AES-encryption.

We turn to a small box, which is glued to the individual card holder. It is an individual PIN-code to unlock the emergency alarm (via a special button VALET), as well as authorization data on P-On.ru.

Inside the neatly stacked main key ring with an LCD display, optional three-button key fob and two labels immobilizer. Using tags is unlock mode and lock type Hands Free. Approached the car, she co-starred with the alarm, and went — again under the alarm.

Tags also provide another barrier against intruders in an emergency. Broke into the car, threw the owner and rushed to hell? In principle, yes, but a minute later the engine will be blocked because the label-what was left from the owner, and he was outside the car.

The main key ring with an LCD display very cool. Built-in vibration motor, 16 ring tones, clock synchronization by GPS, control 12 protected zones, adjustable sensitivity sensors, temperature display and battery voltage. Accessory is powered by a single AAA batteries and it is complete. The communication range is about 1,800 m.

The middle box contains jumper cables, relay module startup, temperature sensor with cable, external GSM-antenna cable with a button VALET, ZIP-fasteners, tri-color LED, mini-USB cable, and suddenly, microphone!

Discreetly place the microphone in the cabin, and Pandora will provide the ability to remotely connect to it and listen to what is going on inside the car, as there are whispered passengers. The connection is made via the phone, just Call for your car. You read it right, you can call on the car, it is no wonder that in the anti-theft system integrated GSM-module. Furthermore, the machine is also able to call on the specified numbers in certain cases. We look at them in just a few paragraphs, the benefit of a complete set and the hardware is almost finished. Soon turn to the most tasty.

Sets of remains only mention Documentation: Manual, wiring diagram with recommendations for installation and
List of warranty services. Note — the manual is very thin, easy to use system. In fact, in such a way it was create
d — a lot of features, capabilities darkness, but they just work without requiring attention. Needed, the person gets to them and take advantage. And no, because you can not tighten, using the car alarm in the "pressed the button, it worked." As for energy consumption, for all its capabilities in standby mode and support for all systems in working order Pandora DXL 5000 consumes around 30-35 mA — it’s a great record, sometimes even several times smaller than that of some competing systems. However, the cost is also different.

Keychain is not needed, it is enough iPhone

I welcome those who are still awake, and manfully mastered the technical part of the article. Now let’s talk about all sorts of functional nishtyaki and interaction of the system with the iPhone, reflect on the practical application of Pandora DXL 5000 in different life situations.

No iPhone? Oh well, you can Android-smartphone use (but still iOS-application functionality). You are against smartphones and acknowledge only Nokia 1100? Okay, call your machine and run it through a voice menu: "Bob, I now call on the car, the engine is started, let warming" — is a very real situation. But, you’re on iPhones.ru, so first of all we will work with the iPhone, and only him. But on the other "buns" I will, too, and even show you.

GSM-module allows the car to not only make calls, but also to be online (via GPRS), that is, to him, as to any remote and properly configured computer, you can connect from anywhere in the world where you have access to the Internet. A connected, operate it. For Pandora DXL 5000 there is a corresponding iOS-application Pandora Info [iTunes link].

The whole service is free of charge, in principle, such as the subscription fee is not provided. But must pay for each connection and display car online again, though, it’s worth a penny, in the truest sense of the word — 50 cents at a time. Worry about online access will only after 500 connections that are available to the buyer initially.

I note that the connection required for direct control of vehicle systems via the iPhone or through an online service: Arming and disarming, remote engine start and jamming, enabling or disabling tracking, setting the parameters of the system and the sensitivity of the sensors. You can view the event history for a reason.

Well, start the application, enter your log in and get into this menu here:

Note that the left screenshot connection yet been made, but there is a message that the settings were changed through the site, that is, using the web interface. On the right screenshot iPhone is connected to the vehicle that is made by pressing the right of the "My Car". All key chain is not needed, you can work directly with the machine via the iPhone. Here you see a set of parameters, namely the battery voltage, the current temperature of the engine, wherein the information transmitted in real time. In the test vehicle was temperature sensor inside the cabin, the quantity of fuel, respectively, these parameters are not shown, but if any Pandora DXL 5000 can use these figures show.
Sensors are, so in addition to the battery and engine temperature monitored the temperature inside the cabin and the amount of fuel

Now you can remove or put the vehicle for protection, start the engine, turn on / turn off tracking, and determine the location of parking, making the course of her image, which is especially useful for large sites with hundreds of machines. Moreover, each event is accompanied by a Push-notification, if enabled, of course.

Which would be a huge parking lot was not, your car will not get lost out there, because Pandora Info demonstrates how the location of the machine, and the user

In the tab "History"Stores all the events since the launch of the car alarm in operation. That is, the limit on the number of stored information and its deadline is not. The stop / start engine, login, change settings, and other events — all monitored and remain in the annals of history. Each event contains the coordinates on the map where it happened.

Different kinds of filters are present, as without them navigate in this mass of information. In addition, if desired, you can generate a report file in PDF, events thrown at him for a certain period of time. After that, the user within three days will be available link, clicking on which you can download the document.

On the trekking I mentioned above — the entire history of travel available with the iPhone, in fact, in this section there is also a convenient filter. Let me remind you that the web version of the history of tracking a bit more informative and allows you to see the speed at each site track.

Configuration section is rich … no, he is very rich in all sorts of polzunochki, levers and other "krutelki." The system is fully customizable with the iPhone and this should be very flexible: the conditions of the transfer of data to the server room, which can be reached with the car (if someone tries to make a stranger, its number is determined to continue, and will be available to owner), emergency numbers for which the machine calls and SMS resets map coordinates (reference) functions in the case of SOS.

Sensors are also easily and flexibly configure this same interface:

A number of settings to automatically start and stop the engine on a schedule or based on certain conditions is present, too.

In addition, it is possible directly from the program to change the profile settings, and for the application itself, there are several useful options.

Entangled in the program? Then you direct road to the reference section, which is also located in the "Settings":

The first time you reference appears automatically. As you can see, nothing complicated or supernatural. The system is easy to customize yourself, ask a warm-up mode, and you can not do very often go to the app and connect to the system.

I should add that the program is universal and is adapted to the iPhone (including iPhone 5), and under the iPad. It is constantly updated and refined, as well as internal software Pandora DXL 5000. The system in fact already year as available on the market, a few months before the trial run by volunteers in the real world and the development team. During this time, she got rid of childhood diseases, matured, become truly robust, despite the abundance of functions. However, work to improve the anti-theft system continues, it is constantly.

It is better to see once …

Pictures — it’s an interesting thing, but it is better to look at the system live, that will give a more accurate idea of how it works, and works in principle. So, first of basic features of the software, start and stop the engine through it, arming, tracking and filtering system:

Now complicate the task and examine how the system works, if set the engine start on schedule:

Now complicate the task and examine how the system works, if set the engine start on schedule:

Running, so once set up and forgotten — the car every morning at a certain time to be ready to move. It is possible to specify up to 14 automatic calendar engine starts (two for each day of the week), automatic starts a timer, that is after a certain period of time, are supported too. But that’s not all — can be launched automatically by temperature or engine compartment (that was always warm the chilly winter and cool in the hot summer). For the battery should not be afraid, because there is a regime run the engine at low battery voltage, charge for it.

And remember, just above I mentioned the possibility of call for your car and control it through voice menu? Let’s see how it works:

This is another opportunity to not only get access to a car if you suddenly lost charm had disappeared and the iPhone, but lying around in your pocket standby phone with buttons. Through the voice menu and start the engine, and deactivated / activated with an alarm, and even completely block the engine in an emergency. Do not forget about the microphone, too, is accessed through a call to the machine.

Panic SOS function in certain cases, the driver is able to save lives. In the settings add three phone numbers, and in an emergency would be enough to press a single button on the remote control car alarm so that the machine has made three calls to the voice warning and sent three SMS-message with a link to a map, which shows the coordinates of the machine. See how it works live:

This is a unique feature of the alarm system, realized, as you can see at a high level. In addition, the system is tuned to a similar response, with a serious impact when clearly an accident. God forbid that such situations do not occur, but, says Eastern wisdom "If you need a sword once in a lifetime — carry it with me all my life. "

Active protection — stop "jammers"

Since I remembered the sword, you should tell about the function of the active protection. Attackers do not finger to do. Have experience, there are all sorts sophisticated tools such as "jamming" channels alert (RFM-433.92MHz and GSM), which effectively pilfer the car even from a very reliable protective caps.

So, when using active protection Pandora DXL 5000 the car constantly monitor the company’s servers. First, the communication channels of Internet service routine "Jamming" is not muted. Secondly, if an attempt is detected, including successful, the use of such tools by hackers, then the phone will display a user notification. If you still drown notification channel and attempt to tow the car, still have to coordinate notification of change of car. For more details about the features and characteristics of Pandora DXL 5000 much written on the official website of the product.

Web-based interface — more hell

As the functionality of iOS-app, and its Android-analogue, too, is supported by almost all the features of Pandora DXL 5000, but the web interface still was a bit steeper. I mentioned earlier that it allows you to keep track of tracks in more detail, providing among other things, more and velocity data at each interval. Present and filter system, and the data on the events and the ability to adjust any parameter Pandora DXL 5000. All this is done in HTML5-quality interface and is available not only from desktop browsers, but also on mobile.

You can even get a reference to any track and send it by mail, for example.


Pandora DXL 5000 is expensive, it is one of the most expensive anti-theft systems on the market — it will cost in the region of 25-35 thousand rubles. But it is also one of the most technologically advanced products such even in the country and the world. Moreover, it is designed from the ground up and developed in Russia, no borrowing, all original ideas.

Pandora is also produced in our country, with a capital letter. In a country where live experts of the highest level in the country where it is still patriots did not go for cheapness in China, and have established his home in Power and to provide work for its citizens.

Not just to be witty writing so. I personally talked with the leaders of the company. These people are burning his idea, live it, they do not "work work" they are doing, they show care for the product. They create it the way they see the perfect anti-theft system. But the ideal can not be reached, you can try to approach him, and people are trying. While competitors are trying to catch up with this locomotive functional (and catch up, yes, because repeat easier than creating), on "Experimental Instrument Factory" is already full boil and prepare for the implementation of a completely new idea. The limit has not been reached, until it is far away.

Photo report — how to create a Pandora

Well, friends, and those readers to whom survived a little patriotism to our country, whatever it may be in some areas, I am sure you will be interesting photo essay from the cradle of anti-theft systems Pandora. And perhaps "Experimental Instrument Factory" will be the cradle for quality products from a completely different area, but that’s another story.

Sign in production met me stand with the products that are produced and produces the company is currently:

Next was a small gallery with a number of historical photographs. For example, photo manager, and the ideological mastermind of one of the main gen
erators of ideas implemented in Pandora, Andrei Petrunina, in 2005, signing the first production anti-theft system. This collapse, which has been built our own production line for Pandora. 2008, is only the beginning:

So I made it to the production line. Machines-robots that are soldered to the printed circuit board trace elements:

There was a place even the keyboard Apple:

Reel slot with a SIM-

Green production, no lead in the solder:

And a hell of a very expensive machine for prototyping:

Partially finished boards are sent to the final welds at least a hell of a furnace in which the solder flowing rivers and lapping waves. Thought it? And here’s a little bit of live video and robots:

Now, all modules must be inspected for visible defects:

    Now, all modules must be inspected for visible defects:

    By the way, the cables are right there at work. The company basically tries to do everything on their own, trying to eliminate weak links. After defective coil Chinese wire is able to deliver a lot of trouble.

    Immediately cool perched Rework Station:

    Masters at work, pin assignment in the process:

    I was surprised a lot of greens, but it still is not much, then there will be more. The next part of the line — here ready motherboard and components are tested:

    Many of the tools for testing and work created in our own tool shop, they are unique. And there is a couple of rooms here radiotishiny, they also tested a gentle equipment — a kind of metal cube, finished in wood.

    And here is the "green" part of the production line — there finished products completed and packed in boxes:

    Each employee has their own plant, for which he cares, he raises and nurtures. Work goes:

    That this is the cradle where the growth and development of Pandora.

    Roman Yuriev

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