Irish firefighters armed with drones

Irish firefighters arming drones Facts

Fire Service of Northern Ireland decided to test unmanned aircraft as a patrol of the country for the early detection of severe floods and fires. This decision is justified by the fact that in the period from April to May this year, the country recorded 583 of ignition area, where it grows of flora called gorse. This figure shows that traditional monitoring methods are inefficient.

Gorse is an evergreen, its leaves are in the form of needles, which only contributes to the rapid spread of fire to the bush. In addition, the plant itself contains a lot of easily inflammable oil, and dead dry leaves are not reset, and remain on the branches, making it even more attractive shrub for the fire. As in Ireland, it is quite common, firefighters will try to do everything possible to minimize the risk of large and repeated fires.
In addition to other benefits of using aircraft in fire prevention, unmanned machine reduces the risk of death of fire services to a minimum. When flying over the flooded area planes will collect information about the people who were cut off by flood waters from the Railways. This is also true for the country as well as in Belfast and the surrounding area an increase in rainfall, especially in summer.
New instances drones were presented at the Portrush Air Show on September 8-9.

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