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Gains in the market combat fighters "Su" combined with a European co-operatives and civilian development


Before the task of the Russian aircraft industry in the next ten years, at times to increase the production of military and civilian products. The dramatic increase in the volume of production — a challenge no less than the ability to survive in the absence of orders. "Irkut" accepted the challenge and successfully overcame.

In an interview with the Algerian newspaper El Khabar son of Muammar Gaddafi safe ul-Islam al-Gaddafi said the talks, which in the period of the Western bombing going on between Tripoli and Paris. According to the Safe-ul-Islam among the goals of the French, for the sake of which they went to war, in addition to meeting oil interests Total — purchase puppet "transitional government" in Benghazi Rafale fighter aircraft for decades to come.

Meanwhile, something for which the French got involved in a shady deal, Russia has over a dozen years ago, received the usual political and diplomatic methods. In November 1996, after several years of intense negotiations was launched Russian-Indian program creation, delivery and organization of licensed production of Su-30 MKI. The project was set up effective military aviation complex with an extremely powerful radar and the most modern avionics. Where the part of the Russian avionics, which at that time did not meet the Indian military was replaced by Israeli, French and Indian elements. World’s first serial fighter had to get engines with thrust vector control. Contract 1996 initially involved the development and delivery of 40 fighter jets to India, but when, having overcome a number of financial and organizational difficulties, "dry" presented the finished product to the customer, the Indian Air Force placed an order for a grand organization of licensed production in India 140 machines of this type. Fighter turned out so good that after the Indian was followed by other export contracts. In 2003, 18 units purchased in Malaysia, and in 2006 purchased 28 aircraft in Algeria, which was then ordered another batch of 16 units. Finally, in 2007, India has continued its purchases by signing an agreement to acquire an additional 58 fighters.

Thus, today ordered 282 Su-30 MKI three modifications for a total of about 10 billion dollars.

Indian program of the Su-30 MKI, in addition to its unprecedented scale, different yet durable implementation. Beginning in 1996, it is scheduled to be completed by 2017. Delivery of the machines themselves is going to India in 2002, it has been nine years. After the production of the Su-30 MKI is over, will begin a new cycle of the project associated with the need to carry out major repairs of machines and their modernization. In fact, until the end of production of the Su-30 MKI is far away. To date, India ordered 230 vehicles were delivered (with license sets) of the order of 160 units, that is, Irkutsk contractual obligations are expected to have 70 fighters. In the near future is expected to sign a new, already the fifth in a row the contract to supply the Indian Air Force by 42 Su-30 MKI, which will increase the production program to the remaining 110 units. Finally, the Russian Air Force is now preparing a contract for the purchase of 28 Su-30 CM, which will be a "Russified" and a modernized version of the Su-30 MKI, and the Russian Navy is exploring the possibility of procurement of 12 Su-30 CM. If all of these contracts will be concluded, Irkutsk plant will have to produce more for a total of 150 aircraft, that the pace of construction of 30 units per year gives a five-year-loading business.

The existence of such a long program allowed to form on the basis of a rather mediocre by Soviet standards, the Irkutsk Aviation Plant a first-class Aircraft Corporation. Long program with a stable and predictable cash flow — it is an opportunity to develop a long-term strategy, and this strategy has been established. Its key elements are the diversification of the product range, the integration of the international programs and modernization of production.


Leaders of the Irkutsk factory perfectly understood that even a full-length single product as the Su-30 MKI, will one day end, and at the beginning of the last decade has taken steps to diversify its product range. In 2003, the company acquired the OKB. Yakovlev, that has transformed the production site into a full corporation, known as "Irkut". Together with Yakovlevskoye innovative potential "Irkut" and received promising products in the form of training aircraft Yak-130 medium-haul aircraft MS-21. While visiting journalists Irkutsk plant in July this year, they were observed in the final assembly shop and at the flight test station under construction or ten ready to ship Su-30 MKI and 25 Yak-130. Such intensity of production plant is not known even in Soviet times in the past year, customers were sent to 38 aircraft, or kits for licensed assembly, and it’s really higher than the Soviet volumes. In 2010 the corporation with revenue of $ 1.7 billion, doubling the figure to 832 million received in 2009.


An important development of the company has also increased international cooperation. The main project in this area is the production of a number of components for commercial aircraft by the European consortium EADS. "Irkut" making kits niche nose landing gear keel beam and directing flap for aircraft of the Airbus. By itself, this business is small, but such cooperation is to encourage companies radically modernize production in order to meet European quality standards.

Irkutsk plant today — generally only in Russia, which has European certification of aircraft production. To do this, in the past five years it took to invest in upgrades and new equipment 10.6 billion rubles. It is clear that such investments are being made not only and not so much for a project with Airbus, but in the years 2016-2017 with the deployment of medium-range passenger production of MS-21, which would replace the current "workhorse" Russian Airlines Tu-154. Moreover, the new equipment is purchased is not haphazard, not for the sake of buying, as is done in some other plants, where the acquisition of Western machines became a fetish, and for specific industrial problems. Anyway, today the Irkutsk plant, along with the Young Communist League is the most equipped and modern aircraft manufacturing production in the country.

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