Irkut the Defense Ministry plans to sell 40 Su-30MK export

Corporation "Irkut" Russian Defense Ministry plans to supply 40 Su-30MK, told "Izvestia" CEO Alexei Fyodorov.

This model was originally developed for India (subscript "I" in the title), so some components will have to change for the Russian Air Force — for example, to translate from English into Russian software on-board computers.

Also part of the equipment fighter produced in France and Israel, and it will have to change to the Russian counterparts. On all of these works, the estimated Fedorov require 1.5 billion rubles.

28 cars are planned for equipment for the Air Force, another 12 — for the Navy.

In this case, the Su-30 — the most modern Russian fighter serial, which has long been available in India, Algeria, Venezuela, Vietnam, China, Malaysia and Uganda. Since 1997, these countries have sold more than 270 machines.

Next-generation fighter — Su-35 — so far only completed the test. Therefore, an alternative to the Su-30 in Russian Air Force in the coming years will not be.

It is expected that after the replacement of foreign equipment to a Russian translation and on-board systems in Russian plane will be called the Su-30cm (serial, modernized).

However, the contract itself is not approved. In the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) "News" could not comment on the prospects for the sale of Irkutsk 40 "dryers" in the Russian Air Force.

— No information on this contract, we do not have to — said "Izvestiya" KLA spokesman Konstantin Lantratov.

In the Russian Air Force also confirmed plans to purchase 40 Su-30 in 2012. However, the state program of armaments to 2020, according to "Izvestia", this contract provides.

Expert at the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, Konstantin Makiyenko believes that the purchase of the Su-30MK will be the best solution for the Russian Air Force.

— The Su-35 is not yet finalized, and when it is put into service — is unclear. Therefore, the waste is taken, all past R & D and okra export product and is accepted into service. This is undoubtedly a quick decision — said "Izvestiya" Makienko.

The expert suggested that 12 of the 40 fighters will be on the Black Sea Fleet aviation units. To combat surface targets can equip their missile "Yakhont". Indian equivalent of the rocket — "BrahMos" — the designers are now mounted on the Su-30.

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