Irkutsk aircraft factory retooled to build the MS-21, but the production of the Su-30MK gradually stop

Irkutsk aviation plant (IAP), which is the main link Corporation "Irkut", basically ready to build future Russian civil aviation aircraft MS-21 (a main plane of the XXI century). This was announced by President of the Corporation "Irkut" Alexei Fyodorov, adding that remains is to complete the organization of the automated assembly technology, ARMS-TASS reports.

According to him, the main product of "Irkut" will become a promising civilian airliner MS-21 and will focus on it. To prepare the Irkutsk aircraft factory for the mass production of the aircraft, the production of Be-200 amphibious Irkutsk also discontinued. All the equipment is transferred to the Taganrog Aviation Production Association.

The total investment in the project MS-21 will be 137 billion rubles. Among them, the development work will be spent $ 97 billion, and to retool the plant — 40 billion

Also, the corporation’s president, said that "Irkut" phase out production of combat aircraft Su-30MK.

"We anticipate the demand for the Su-30MK will decline — Fedorov said. — Proposed to build 28 such fighters to the Russian Air Force. It is also possible auction of 12 of these aircraft. So after 10 years of their release on "Irkut" is supposed to stop. " Of aircraft for the military department will be only the Yak-130.

It is assumed that in the early years, the share of domestic products in the MS-21 airliner will be 50 per cent and the same — foreign, including motors firm Pratt & Whitney.

Further, the ratio change. For Russian products, including domestic PS-14, have 85 percent. The share of foreign components will decrease to 15 percent.

Is currently under deep modernization of workshops IAP based technological innovations that result from collaboration with the European company Airbus to convert its passenger aircraft into freighters. In particular, introduced about 2200 by Airbus standards and more than 150 — of their own, said Fedorov.

MC-21 aircraft will be manufactured in three versions: the 150, 180 and 212 passengers. Standard range — 3500 km, increased — 5 thousand kilometers. "In the future may appear long-range version with a range of up to 7 thousand km", — said the head of "Irkut".

It is believed that the MS-21 will surpass foreign analogues in fuel efficiency (up 25 percent) and direct operational capability (up to 12-15 percent).

"We hope that the establishment of the MS-21 will allow Russia to put on the world market to 10 percent of the world’s most popular single-aisle aircraft," — said Fedorov. According to him, the production capacity for up to 84 MC-21 aircraft per year.

Start of flight test aircraft is scheduled for 2014, placing on the market — in 2016. At present, the Corporation "Irkut" has already established a portfolio of orders for 140 aircraft MS-21.

Irkut MS-21 (SmSs) (the abbreviation stands for "long-haul aircraft XXI Century") — the project short-medium-haul passenger aircraft, which by 2016 should come to the Russian market aircraft manufacturers to replace the Tu-154 and Tu-204 and then go on "close" the international market, which is dominated by giants Airbus and Boeing aircraft, with best-selling Airbus A320 and Boeing 737. It is expected that the main competition to the Irkut MC-21 aircraft will be the project of Chinese COMAC C919.

The program family of short-medium range aircraft MS-21 is developed together with the Yakovlev Design Bureau and the Corporation "Irkut". Member of the project also was a company "Ilyushin Aviation Complex", but in February 2008 she left the project. Program for an MS-21 is about 190 billion rubles. About 70 billion rubles. Of this amount, the state must make.
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The aircraft MS-21 project is designed to carry passengers, baggage and cargo on domestic and international flights and must compete with foreign counterparts in all geographic markets. Chief Designer — Naryshkin Vitaly. Expected to create a family of aircraft, differing in length and passengers — 150, 180, 210 respectively.

MS-21 is developed on the basis of the project Yak-242 Yakovlev. Development of a new wing of the MC-21 deals with the company "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft", works on the fuselage — directly to the corporation "Irkut" and the Yakovlev design bureau. Tailpiece will design Beriev KB.
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MS-21 will be equipped with boosters firm Pratt & Whitney PW1400G model of a series of geared turbofan PW1000G.

Also in the future it is planned to install advanced Russian aircraft engines PD-14, produced by the Permian of "Aircraft Engine".
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