Irkutsk scientists have invented a robot rescue

Students and teachers of the department of building, road machines and hydraulic systems Irkutsk Technical University have developed a design which is conventionally called the "Changeling." It will help robotize rescue in emergencies.

According to the university, the main feature of resourcefulness is that it does not have the strict provisions of the "top" and "bottom". Under the rubble, he can roll over, but in this position, ready to perform its functions. "Changeling" at the disaster site is capable of traveling at a speed of 12 km / h in any position and perform reconnaissance, and if necessary to equip this machine sensors, it can search for people. Load capacity is set to 100 kg. 

The scientists also rabotayum on the problem of mechanization units MOE. Developed a set of tools will allow mechanized punch, cut holes, move the elements of structures, such as dismantling the rubble after fires or earthquakes. Set of power tools is powered by an electric drive (or hydraulic), which, along with the implementation of construction works, allows to mechanize the hard work of the rescuers.

To work on his set of operating attachments: demolition hammer, circular saw blades, metal cutting shears, tree trunks for drilling and other cost of Irkutsk offers inventors are several times smaller than their foreign counterparts, and is about 1.5 million. A similar device — a hand-held guns, punches — works on the principle of self-tapping screws, that is, one stroke hit deep, and then rotates and pierces the surface. Scientists have conducted tests of the device for opening the compartment strategic bomber. The experiment showed that the new device reduces the time for the opening of the metal plating and disaster up to two times. Today, the complex set of specialized to extinguish large fires and rescue operations is a minimum of six devices that can be used in emergency situations.  Using streamlined bulldozer equipment, scientists propose to solve the problem of fighting fires in places of difficult access by bulk materials, soil.  It is planned that in the spring of this year, some of the development department of road building machines and hydraulic systems Irkutsk Technical University will be presented in Moscow at the All-Russia competition, which conducts the MOE.

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