Irkutsk Sloboda

Irkutsk Sloboda or 130 quarter — a specially created area of historic buildings in Irkutsk, which includes dozens of monuments of architecture and history of the city. The block is situated at the foot of the Cross Mountain in the October district of Irkutsk, has the shape of a triangle. The northwest corner is at the intersection of five streets: Lenin, the Sedov, Timirjazeva, Red rebellion and 3rd of July. The southwest corner of the district is crossed streets 3rd July and Kozhova, south-east — Kozhova and Sedov. The modern area of 130 blocks Irkutsk people began to build houses in the early XVIII century. All the buildings were made of wood, the terrain is not improving, so by the beginning of XX-th century houses of stone buildings adjoining areas were a scruffy village, rather than monuments. Until recently, the area was "bug-infested" in the center of Irkutsk, but that all changed in 2008. In 2008, the 350th anniversary of Irkutsk was decided on the basis of 130-quarter create special historic zone. According to the draft, in the quarter refurbish 32 wooden houses. There will also be restored to the old drawings and photographs of the lost 16 buildings and 8 moved from other areas of Irkutsk. They will house blacksmith and pottery workshops, souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants. In addition to historical sites will be new. Among them are hotels, restaurants, art galleries, cultural centers and a 2,000-seat amphitheater, which will be connected to overhead transition to musical theater Zagursky, a second transition spanned across the street 3rd of July. Throughout the quarter is planned to break the squares and streets to create pedestrian and bicycle paths. The work began in autumn 2010, the construction should be completed in 2012.

Beginning of the pedestrian streets of the 130th district. Restored mansions. "Gingerbread Cottage" or charoite room, here is the museum, shop and workshop processing Charoite. Charoit produces only 1 field in the world in the north of Irkutsk region. Vertical drop the quarter is over 17 meters. The whole slope was razed and replaced with a multi-purpose space (parking lots, adm.pomescheniya, SC) and a roof restored quarter, sidewalks, lawn. Residential wooden house moved from the street. Gavrilova. Now there will be a museum, "Window to Asia", a branch of local history. Decorative elements. Some of the buildings standing on concrete platforms with shopping centers. Wooden decorative panel. Walking Street.
9030/ Charoite room. On the opposite side of the street. Sedov built for the anniversary "The House of Music Denis is." Finance house Merinova. On the area of musical theater in a quarter built double pedestrian crossing ul.Sedova. House Merinova. View from above-ground transition. Construction continues on the left is built planetarium. While willing to side with the gathering of the transition. The main descent breaks off into nowhere. After a couple of months, he will go down in the amphitheater area. It is located under the 5-level underground multifunctional space. Museum "noosphere" and Planetarium. Musical Theater N.M.Zagurskogo. View from above-ground transition. Double junction. Holy Cross Church, built in 1758. Established in Siberian baroque architectural style, is a monument of federal significance. Sedov Street, before the revolution, Upper Amur. Left 130 quarter. House music. Go. The area at the Muz.teatra. The police station. Blank stone wall mural mansion revived. Houses in the depths of the Irkutsk Sloboda. Veranda. Restore the lost house with old technology. On the territory of a lot of stairs and slopes. The entrance to the underground parking. One of the houses manor Kurnosov awaits restoration. Main House Kurnosov faded. Restored in 2011. The fence is built on old drawings. One of the houses Kurnosov dismantled and reassembled on a brick basement. Club doctors. The quarter has 4 foot level. In the Irkutsk Sloboda only 2 stone houses, one of them is actively being restored. Apartment houses Yurkshto. Irkutsk White barracks at the corner of Lenin (Amur) and Red Rebellion (Kazarminskaya). Built in 1820, survived the Great Fire of Irkutsk in 1879. An example of a successful reconstruction in 2008, built on 3 floor. A house with a turret. Yurkshto estate complex. Irkutsk Sloboda — a unique project not only for Irkutsk, but for Russia as a whole. In full glory quarter can be seen only in the summer of 2012, when all objects are ready. Holy Cross Church.

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