Irkutsk Technical University started to build a pilot plant for the production of nanomodifikatorov

  • Technopark National Research Irkutsk State University
  • Technopark National Research Irkutsk State University

Technopark National Research Irkutsk State University


National Research Irkutsk State Technical University (Irkutsk Technical University) began to build a pilot plant, which will recycle waste aluminum and silicon industry to produce carbon nanotubes and silica microbeads, allowing to increase the strength of metals, alloys and polymers, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, Director of Physical Technical Institute IrGTU Nikolai Ivanov.

Earlier, a group of scientists of the Institute of Physics and Technology received a patent for a method of processing waste aluminum and silicon production and the allocation of these carbon nanoparticles, fluorides and nano-silica particles ("Nanosilica"). Carbon nanoparticles and "Nanosilica", in fact, are modifiers of materials and allow 1.5-2 times increase the strength of metals, alloys, building materials, plastics. In comparison with existing additives and modifiers IrGTU even cheaper: for example, the cost of carbon nanoparticles is about 7,000 rubles per kilogram, which is almost ten times smaller than existing counterparts.

"We have started to build a pilot plant, which will process up to one ton of metallurgical waste a day. At the output will be — nanomodifiers. Plan to complete the assembly of the installation in the near future", — Ivanov said.

Directly involved in the project of JSC "Nanotehtsentr" venture on Irkutsk Technical University. According to estimates Ivanov, break-even operation of the enterprise is necessary that it handles up to 10 tons of waste per day. The organization of industrial production to $ 3 million.

"The interest in this project is. We intend to present heavy-duty metals and alloys based on nanomodifikatorov Russian Venture Fair, which will be held in Irkutsk, September 20 — 21, where we hope to find an investor", — Ivanov said.

As the press service of the Irkutsk Technical University, scientists have developed a technology nanomodifikatorov uniform distribution in the amount of metal.

Irkutsk Technical University also intends to develop technical specifications for nanomodifiers, which contributes to its early introduction into production.


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