Irkutsk Technical University will present at the VII BEF about 15 innovative projects

Irkutsk. August 4. "Siberian News»
Irkutsk Technical University intends to present at the VII Baikal Economic Forum about 15 innovative projects, as well as to host a roundtable "Legislative support for technical capacity building in the regions of Siberia and the Far East".

"Participation in the Baikal Economic Forum a good opportunity to present our solutions to potential investors. During the forum, we hope to sign more agreements with companies who are interested in our products"- Said the Rector Ivan Golovnykh.

Currently specify exactly which design will exhibit within BEFa. Total Irkutsk Technical University conducts about 150 innovative projects in the field of subsoil use, energy, petrochemical, machinery, transport, construction and nanotechnology.

Among the projects:
1. "Production of high-purity quartz spherical granules for electronic component base of Russia" — the creation of the production line of quartz grit (granule) with a capacity of 500 tons per year on the basis of "Usol’ekhimprom" (Nitol);
2. "The use of cost-effective special filter settings to improve the quality of electric power";
3. Cheap nanomodifikatorov, which is a carbon nanotube of carbon foam — a withdrawal of the aluminum industry. It is several times the strength of metals and polymers;
4. The telemetry system for inspection of pipelines from the inside, capable of acting on vertical surfaces and large, up to 10 km., Distances;
5. Special radio receiving equipment for the study of geophysical fields to establish links with seismic Baikal.
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