Irmash fulfill its obligations under the contract with the Republic of Belarus

The plant "Irmash" (Bryansk) in the portfolio «AVS Group», began shipping sets of equipment for patching to the Republic of Belarus. Total deliveries for two existing contracts — 14 units. 

Equipment for patching pnevmonabryzgom (jet-injection method) allows for a few minutes to get rid of the pits and potholes on the roads, filling them with gravel and fractionated bitumen emulsion. To operate this equipment only one operator. The very same pnevmonabryzg today can rightly be considered the most advanced method for repairing asphalt pavement. 

  • KDM-316
  • KDM-316

In addition to efficiency and low labor costs is another obvious plus jet-injection method — the ability to carry out work in rainy weather. Water is not only not a hindrance, but quite the opposite: increases grip with asphalt emulsion. Equipment for patching pnevmonabryzgom can be mounted on a two-axle semi-trailer or on a truck chassis. "Irmash" also offers ready-made solutions for your hardware for patching: trailer P-310m, as well as a comprehensive road car KDM-316 on the chassis of KAMAZ. This technique is now in high demand among road workers in Russia and the CIS countries.

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