Is in Moscow (Russia) give birth to some workers?

A very common and popular opinion that in Moscow and throughout Russia, mainly migrants give birth — natives of the Caucasus republics and Central Asia, culturally alien population "sound Russian." Let’s try to figure out whether this is so.

The Official Site of the Moscow government publishes statistics on names that are given at birth. I remind you that the account name at birth — one of the most important characteristics that reflect the national-religious character of the reproduction of the population in the area. For example, the constant presence of the name "Mohammed" (with variations) in the top 5 most popular names at birth in the UK clearly indicates a gradual Islamisation of Albion. As the same is the case with the names in the Russian capital?


The most popular names at birth in Moscow (August 2012):

It’s amazing! In the top-15 men’s and women’s names are present only Russian names. How can this be, if give birth to some migrants from the Caucasus and Central Asia? Is Salman Mohammed and Ravshan, settling in Moscow, name their children John and Marys? Or the authorities hide ®, as they like to prove to the opposition resources? I think the correct answer is obvious: the vast majority of births in Moscow and even more so in all Russia — among culturally, mentally and historically Russian people. The proof is in the fact that during the inter-census period 2002-2010 gg. the percentage of people who call themselves Russian, unchanged (about 80%).

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