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 By 2020, RUnet "win" more than half of Russia's economy should be of the semi-annual Research, presented today by the Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC) and the Higher School of Economics.

  • Press conference by Igor Shchegolev and Jaroslav Kuzminova
  • Press conference by Igor Shchegolev and Jaroslav Kuzminova

Investigation of the influence of the Internet on the economy held in Russia for the first time. But it showed that the the total volume of the Russian Internet market in 2011 amounted to 553.79 billion rubles.

"Economic growth Runeta fantastic for the Russian economy, it's about the growth performance of each segment by tens of percent," — said the rector HSE Yaroslav Kuzmin. To date, Runeta share in GDP of 1 per cent. "We can expect that by the end of the year, this share will be slightly less than 1.5 percent. If the pace continues, by the end of the decade, we can safely say that RUnet will serve more than half of the Russian economy," — he said.

Experts analyzed the situation in the 11 fastest growing segments. In 10 of them the growth rate for the year exceeded 20 percent. "More than 50 percent of the growth segments such as contextual advertising (53 percent) and video ads (53 percent). Market of electronic payments increased in 2011 by 34 percent, the market of trade in goods (retail) — by 30 percent, and market content and games — by 26 percent, "- said in a report. In monetary terms, the e-commerce market reached 309.4 billion rubles, electronic payments — 166.7 billion rubles, sales of digital content and games — 8.24 billion rubles. The contextual advertising market amounted in 2011 24.24 billion rubles, and display advertising on the Internet — 15.83 billion rubles.

At the end of 2012 all the studied markets remain positive dynamics of growth, experts believe. In particular, the growth of video advertising market could reach 59 percent, and the growth of the market sales of electronic content of 27 percent.

"The role of the Internet is increasing every year, increasing penetration of Internet technologies in the real economy", — said Russian presidential aide Igor Shchegolev. According to him, there is still online experts proceeded from the estimates and surface approaches, and presented study was the first deep analysis of the Internet economy.

"This is a very interesting and serious study. Main thing — it is the intention of the organizers to make this a regular report", — added Schogolev. According to director Sergei RAEC Plugotarenko, the study will be an annual event, and perhaps will be even twice a year.

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