Iskander-M rocket successfully launched the battle with the latest equipment

At Kapustin Yar in the Astrakhan region ended four-tactical exercises with 630-m individual missile battalions, which are armed with tactical missiles (PTRC), "Iskander-M", said Thursday the official representative of the press service of the Defense Ministry and the information on Ground Forces Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas Donyushkin.


"At the final stage of the exercise was successfully combat missile launch, equipped with the latest equipment," — said Donyushkin, reports "Interfax".
Mobile missile complex "Iskander" is intended to engage ground targets with precision missiles, such as command centers, large group of troops, fire weapons, objects of air defense and missile defense, planes and helicopters on the ground.

PTRC "Iskander" can be delivered to all modes of transport, including aviation. The complex has a high tactical maneuverability-terrain military vehicles. This missile has a wide operating temperature range of -50 to +50 degrees Celsius.

PTRC "Iskander", developed by Engineering Design Bureau (Kolomna, Moscow Region), is available in two versions — "Iskander-M" (for the Armed Forces) and the "Iskander-E" (for export). The export version of the martial characteristics somewhat different from that of the complex, which is made to order Russian Defense Ministry.

Starting weight PTRC "Iskander-E" — 3800 kg, payload weight — 480 kg. The complex has a high rate of fire, capable of hitting targets at ranges of up to 280 km, with an interval of one minute shoot at two targets. The trajectory of the missile — not ballistic, difficult to predict for the enemy, the missile is controlled during the whole flight.

The structure of the PTRC, "Iskander-E", except for the launcher with two missiles, includes transportation and loading vehicle, which also carries two missiles, machine-Routine maintenance, command post vehicle, click the preparation of information, a set of equipment, and even of the Arsenal training training facilities.

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