ISOVER-Acoustic now and let the plant in Chelyabinsk.

The company Saint-Gobain, the only Russian manufacturer wool as glass fiber, and of stone wool, launched ISOVER Acoustic sound-proofing material at a plant in Chelyabinsk.  Every year more and more important, especially in big cities, the issue soundproofing. To feel comfortable and happy at any time of the day, enjoy the peace and forget about the outside noise outside the window, you need to soundproof the room.

The construction of the traditional massive structures leads to the loss of usable floor space. The most effective solution to solve the problem is noise isolation device drywall partitions with sound-absorbing material filling ISOVER acoustic. Construction, using ISOVER Acoustic reduces the time for its construction and save valuable floor space. Low weight and optimal width of 600 mm plates provide maximum comfort installation. New also recommended for soundproofing floors on joists, suspended ceilings of interior stud walls and tiled walls.

Durable, lightweight and durable material ISOVER Acoustic, which provides extra soundproofing premises meets the requirements of sanitary and fire regulations.

Products ISOVER of stone wool is made by modern technology and runs a multi-stage quality control in high-precision instruments that can guarantee a high level of heat and soundproofing.

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