Israel Shamir: The U.S. Federal Reserve, printed and distributed to banks $ 16 trillion

This incredible exposure was made during the first official audit since 1913

Sixteen trillion dollars — an amount ten times the GDP of Russia — painted and handed out to friends and acquaintances wizards bankers of the Federal Reserve System in a single year.

This incredible exposure was made during the first official audit of the Fed, by the American government offices calculations (GAO) — and silence the official Western media. Just a short message "Forbes" magazine has expressed surprise over the silence that enveloped a fantastic result.

What are these fabulous numbers, and what kind of people are behind the giant operations? The Fed, the Federal Reserve has to play the role of the State Bank of the United States, that is, it prints beautiful green pieces of paper coming down for a world currency. But the Fed is not owned by the U.S. government or the American people — it is a private corporation, which has taken over these functions back in 1913 as a result of collusion of leading politicians and bankers on Jekyll Island.

Since then, the banks behind the Fed, earning untold state — every dollar given by them is given in debt and bears interest. Since 1991, Russia has to pay tribute to the Fed.

American libertarians do not like the Fed. Some of them consider it the source of all the world's evil. The late Eustace Mullins wrote in the fifties, under the guidance of the great American poet and philosopher Ezra Pound's book "Secrets of the Federal Reserve," which was burned, banned — and still sold millions of copies.


Since then, talk about the Federal Reserve in the United States was in bad taste and the best way to ruin your career, just like the legendary Elders of Zion.

But a few years ago, desperate libertarian Senator Ron Paul, who almost became a candidate for U.S. president from the Republican Party this year, once again raised the banner of fighting the Fed. He demanded a public audit of the corporation. He was supported by Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich, also tried his hand in the fight for the presidency, and independent Sen. Bernie Sanders.

They broke through the decision of the Congress, which forced the Fed to open its books to the GAO, despite the protests of bankers, especially Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan.

Audit — the first since 1913 — took place, the results were officially released — and silence the freest in the world of American


the press. These audits provide that during and after the 2008 crisis, the Fed has issued and distributed a secret $ 16 trillion "their" banks, and they have already distributed these incredible amounts on bonuses to bankers.

While the Fed called the operation "credit", not a single cent was not returned, nesmotryana that the "loan" was interest-free. For comparison — U.S. GDP — 14 trillion, the entire U.S. national debt — $ 14 trillion, the annual budget of the United States — three and a half trillion.

While the Fed claims to be a government agency, nor Congress, nor the president had not been involved in the decision to distribute these amounts to banks, while, as in the United States closed the company, people evicted from their homes for non-payment of the mortgage, and the people are getting poorer.


Among the recipients — Goldman Sachs — 814 billion dollars, Merrill Lynch-two trillion, Citigroup — two and a half trillion Morgan Stanley — two trillion, Bank of America — 1,3 trillion, The Royal Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Bank received $ 500 billion .

When the crisis struck, the U.S. Congress, after much debate, has allocated $ 800 billion to "ransom" for affected banks. Now it turns out that the Fed has drawn many times more money for the same purpose without permission of the democratically elected government.

Therefore, in a country ruled by Washington Regional Committee, and serves as a model for many Russian liberals, has developed the most unfair system of distribution of income and wealth, Senator Sanders writes on his website.

400 richest Americans are richer than 150 million Americans, and six heirs of Wal-Mart supermarket richer than 30 percent of Americans. 1% has 40% of the total national state, and the lower 60% are less than two percent.

Now we see that their wealth is not created difficulty, and not even the ingenuity — it's the same result as cutting and manipulation, as in Yeltsin's Russia, as we have recently been reminded of London process Berezovsky and Abramovich.

Corruption and embezzlement of public funds — is a hallmark of neputinskoy Russia, as we are told Navalny and his colleagues, but most of the matrix of modern financial capitalism.

Israel Shamir

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