Israeli officials have brought business to the self-immolation.

In Israel, committed self-immolation businessman Moshe Silman. The doctors tried to save him, but 90% of burns … yesterday he still died in the hospital. What made bankrupt entrepreneur to do so?

The man was a business, the normal operating business. Trucks for transportation of 4 pieces. One large and 3 small. The man paid his taxes. Not like me, snarling and bargaining, but simply paying. At one year of overpaid extra 10,000 shekels ($ 2'500) service nat. insurance, next year she owed 15,000. Offers to return him 10 and pay all or pay 5 (difference) and did not return.

Eventually paid 5, but the difference did not return to it and require an additional 10. Like, will return as soon as immediately. Bring a piece of paper with the signature of the tax administration, and not without a paper. And in a tax strike. Peasant send the agenda to the old address, it does not get them, but then come the new (know, it turns out) and arrest the biggest truck. Although it is the smallest would be sufficient to cover this alleged "debt" three times.

When the strike ends and tax issues, finally, the paper begins strike in the service nat. insurance. And then of Moses demanded money for being arrested the truck turning over nearly 3 months (until the strike) in an official site. A business is (without a major truck) popped at the seams, and the money is not immediately found. Truck sold under the hammer twice cheaper than market value, paid for parking, attorneys fees, and the owner of the bank there is not a dime. He had to pay reparations for the cancellation of orders.

To return to the market, the man sold the apartment, but the market has been seized by others and, after the courts repapatsy, arrest the truck, customers wanted nothing to do with Silmanom. Money and trucks are gone for 5 years vegetating and appointed Moshe Silmanu (once who had a million revolutions) pension of 2,500 shekels. "Apartment" of money (to help eat) is not given as apartment he once was. Live at NIS 2,500 can starve if you do not take shelter. But then where to live? And Moshe Silman set himself on fire during a demonstration in Tel Aviv.

To be honest, I'm such tricks NATIONAL INSURANCE watch every day and keep quiet, because it is not something to wash dirty linen in public. There is really can happen to anyone. C everyone who owns some small businesses. Clearly, many are trying the service of national security "do", and the service stands out — requires countless references, makes nightly raids on apartments of single mothers, checking for extra toothbrush in a glass or under marital status men's slippers …


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