ISS astronauts are helping scientists gain new data on the level of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere

The astronauts aboard the International Space Station had another session of the experiment with a fabulous name "Mermaid."

The experiment was designed and developed at the Space Research Institute (IKI). Russian instrument "Mermaid" (hand-held Spectrum Analyzer component of the atmosphere) was delivered to the station in 2009. Since then, the scientific program with the use of a unique instrument for the study of greenhouse gases periodically carried astronauts during specially scheduled sessions. The recorded spectra, together with a package of service information and contextual images quickly sent to Earth to continue in the SRI to monitor the state of scientific equipment and data processing.
Space experiment allows scientists to obtain global data on the content of CO2 in the atmosphere and identify the sources and sinks of greenhouse gases. Such measurements made on Earth, do not provide the information required accuracy.

Press Service of the Russian Federal Space Agency

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