ISS astronauts conduct studies of human bone tissue

The problem of leaching of calcium from human bone tissue during long space flights will be studied in the framework of a new research program on the Russian segment of the International Space Station.
June 15 at the ISS session begins, biotechnology experiment "Calcium". About two hours at the workshop is planned today to schedule a flight engineer for Expedition 28, Sergei Volkov.
Russian cosmonaut will work with special canisters with fixed experimental cells delivered to the station aboard manned spacecraft "Soyuz TMA-02M" on June 10. Today, photography is scheduled pilings exhibited at the ISS RS and reset photographs to Earth.
Using the experimental determination of the solubility of calcium phosphate and bone samples of human tissue in the water in microgravity scientists expect to identify possible ways of solving the problem of demineralization of bone tissue in astronauts during long-term missions in orbit. In addition, during the implementation of the experiment, "Calcium" will explore the possibility of obtaining stable solutions and suspensions, soluble and insoluble substance on Earth, including the nano-scale.

Press Service of the Russian Federal Space Agency

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