ISS them on a conveyor belt. MF Reshetnev — 5 communications satellites

February 14 at the JSC "ISS" held a meeting on implementation of the development of broadcasting in the Russian Federation for 2009-2015. in terms of work performed Reshetnev company.

  • Guests at the ISS them.  M. Reshetnev
  • Guests at the ISS them. M. Reshetnev

For a meeting of the ASC Academician MF Reshetnev came joint delegation of the Ministry of Communications, the Federal Communications Agency, the Russian Federal Space Agency, as well as the state-owned operator Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian Satellite Communications." Participants discussed progress in establishing telecommunication satellites for the development of broadcasting in Russia.

During the meeting, the Minister of Communications and Mass Media Nikolai Nikiforov said that today in Russia is very high demand for satellite communications and advanced telecommunications services such as television and the Internet, so the state is interested in improving the parameters of the spacecraft and increase their active lifetime. In turn, General Designer and General Director of JSC "ISS" Nicholas Testoedov informed that the company is continuously working to improve the technical specifications of products. So in recent years, the effectiveness of space-based information systems has grown more than 10 times. As an example, Nikolai compared it by the number of transponders and a lifetime of the satellite "Express-A", launched in 2000, and the apparatus of the "Express-AM5," which is being created in Reshetnev company. Significantly increased and the capacity of each satellite trunk. In addition, space services have become economically affordable for consumers due to the fact that significantly reduced the diameter of the ground receiving antennas. Head of ISS also noted that to enhance the competitiveness of domestic telecommunications satellites the company is constantly in the process of development and deployment of advanced technologies, such as, for example, the creation of Ka-band antennas.

  • Communications satellite "Express-AM5"
  • Communications satellite "Express-AM5"

Currently Reshetnev Company manufactures five telecommunication satellites of heavy and middle-class series "Express-AM" and "Express-AT" in the interests of national operator Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian Satellite Communications." With the way things are working on these projects, the participants were able to see while visiting manufacturing operations plant.

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