It abruptly white metal! On CHEMK opened smelter, which is no longer smokes

On Chelyabinsk Electric Factory was state acceptance of a unique complex gas treatment by which the smelter is no longer emits harmful substances. As the correspondent «URA.Ru», for the first time on a large industrial enterprise of the pipes is virtually alone air.

Similar equipment used in factories in South Africa, the USA and Germany. The new facility consists of five gas treatment units, each of which includes a separate set of equipment — cyclones, coolers, fans, exhaust fans. In total, they found 7.2 thousand tissue 10-foot hose from a unique membrane fabric made of polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon-like).

"Such material is, for example, the textile industry: the production of clothes, shoes, gloves and so on. Feature of membranous tissue that she misses the air molecules, and at the same time, impervious to water and ultrafine particles of dust "- says chief technology CHEMK Dmitry Rakitin.

Efficiency is 99.95%. The new equipment has allowed a 5-fold reduction in actual emissions in comparison with legal standards.

"For four years no company has implemented a large-scale environmental program. Today it is the best there is in the area and, of course, an example for all others. Gas cleaning CHEMK — the largest environmental investment project of the Chelyabinsk region last year ", — said the chief medical officer of the region, Anatoly Semenov.

This is the third in the gas cleaning CHEMK, the first two systems are installed in the shops number 7 and number 8. The third — about plant number 2, one of the oldest at the plant — was completed in late December. Now completed commissioning, facility has successfully passed state acceptance.

The enterprise has indicated that the next link in the chain will be the reconstruction of all the melting units and improving product quality products. "Commissioning of the new gas cleaning, we clearly understand our duty to society — to make being in the city limits the production of more environmentally friendly. And we are ready to invest in environmental protection a lot of money. Investment in processing plant toxins were more than 350 million rubles, and the new complex gas treatment cost more than 1.3 billion rubles, "- said CEO Paul CHEMK Jodorowsky.

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