It is time to create comfort astronauts. In our ship commander and pilot sit face to the crew


Designer Anna Pies, developing a design for cars Toyota, is now creating interiors of Russian spacecraft

— How is it that you, the famous car designer, have engaged in a spaceship?

— Four years ago, I returned to the country — I called Herman Gref. He literally said Vladimir, come and occupy our industry. I said: I just have to do? "We find you the projects", — said Gref.

As I was engaged in automotive design and worked on cars average of the mass market — Yaris, Corolla, Avensis, RAV 4, the projects and was looking in the automotive industry. But just about that time the key assets of the Russian car industry under the control of foreign companies. The Russian car industry engaged in "screwdriver" assembly. R & D is no longer in demand.

Conversely, in the "West", I do not want to, I’ve seen all there is. And here is a virgin land. I went to those industries that are able to produce something different and specific. Including the space industry, where more during the Soviet era was created enormous backlog, and much of what was then developed, not even put into operation. Those developments were so conceptual that now is the time to implement them.


— We must understand the implementation in some kind of modernized version?

— Spaceship — this is perhaps the innovation. Here’s a car — it’s upgrading. You take the model that already was, and doing better. And an innovative approach — this is when you are creating something that was not there before. And for me it is important that here I can do innovation. Our team is doing something that has never been: the spacecraft of the future.

— How did you come to contact with the RSC "Energia"?

— That was three years ago — was tasked to build a booth at the Moscow air show. And then at the show, talking with the company, we have agreed to participate in the project concept multipurpose module manned spacecraft.

— How important is a spaceship interior?

— Our astronauts fly is not in the most comfortable conditions on the ships, which were developed half a century ago. It’s time to change the concept. In the year of the fiftieth anniversary of manned space flight next to a full-size mockup of the "Vostok", which flew Gagarin, and the spacecraft "Soyuz", which now fly our astronauts, we put the innovative concept of a new spaceship. He’s not exactly like what would be a real ship — the door a little more, seat belts are not certified for space, and a lot of assumptions, but these details are not so important now. The main thing — to give an idea of what the Russian space transport. The country that dominates the space to build a new spaceship.

— You have consulted with the astronauts during the building process model ship?

— We appeal to them in all professional matters — where the joystick should stand where power outlets, what should be the cradles, as is the commander of the crew in relation to what should be a docking hatch, where the portholes. The whole layout is real.

— Where do you mock?

— In the design division of the company Cardi at Moscow Automotive Institute has a pilot plant, which gives the opportunity to work with such objects.

— What did you conceptually new make to the passenger compartment space ship?

— Together with experts RSC, we analyzed how you can change the position of the commander and the first pilot. As a result, they turned the other way, and now they sit face to the crew.

— Why?

— This ergonomic. Placement of people in a small space has become more compact and convenient.

— What will you personally this project?

— We get a great experience. Experts from the industry will receive a professional product for testing processes in further work on the ship. Such projects are time in 50 years! In our country, this is not so much a project of this scale. And we’re at it take a direct and active participation. Very proud of that.

Ivan Cheberko

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