It is time to explain to the people in the face of the danger we are

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Orthodox clergymen on the "Concept of State National Policy of the Republic of Tatarstan" …

President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov signed on August 1, "Concept of State National Policy of the Republic of Tatarstan", According to the document, the national policy of the Volga region should be based on two "fundamental priority positions", "need for a comprehensive development of the Tatar people and the strengthening of the Republic of Tatarstan as a historical form of its statehood" and at the same time "to ensure equal living conditions for people of all nations" who live in the region. Among the questions of national policy, "requiring special attention," attributed "to strengthen the status of" Tatarstan "as a historical, spiritual, and ethnic and cultural center of the Tatar people." In paragraph about the "priority areas" of national policy emphasizes the need for "positioning" of the republic as ethno-cultural center and the creation of conditions for the "consolidation of Tatars living in Russia and abroad."
In this case, a "non-title" of the population — and it is in every other country — the document referred to in passing — like the fact that it has had "a great influence on the formation and development of the multinational people of Tatarstan."

"Kazan Kremlin sees the future of the republic as a nation state, even within Russia. Consequently, the Russian Republic of Tatarstan, as, indeed, and other "non-titular" nations can count only on themselves, "- said in this regard, the chairman of the Council of Regions of the National Democratic Party (NDP) Rostislav Antonov, adding that" the lack of understanding on the part of government agencies, and almost half of the population of Tatarstan will provoke further growth of social and ethnic tension. " President of the Society of Russian Culture of Tatarstan, Professor Alexander Salagaev also said: "Toalways 1.5million Russian Tatarstan thrust into the concept of "other peoples" — a clear discrimination of the Russian population. Russian acutely feel and experience their inequality in economic, political and cultural spheres. In particular, the funds for the development of Russian culture was isolated as a residual. A Tatar people raised above all others. " The situation in Tatarstan is not a unitary, the newspaper says, "is, in fact, only the concentration of the contradictions inherent in originally inherited from the Bolsheviks, the political system, where all nations, except the Russian, have" their "public education. Many of these entities are formed ethnocracies: representative "non-titular" nation practically ordered any meaningful way to the posts, and often — especially with the weakening of the central government — "non-indigenous" population and does mildly or severely squeezed out of the region. " Comment on this state of affairs reporter asked the famous edition of the Orthodox clergy. Archpriest Oleg Stenyaev, cleric of St. John the Baptist in Sokolniki, believes that the emergence of such a document creates a very important precedent. "It makes us, Russian, to realize that we are not in Russia titular nation", — he said. "The Bible says that the Lord has for each of the people put limits habitat. Speaking of Tatarstan, it is the land of the Tartars, when — on Chechnya, is the land of the Chechens. Then the native Russian territory to be Russian in the fullest sense of the word. On the position expressed in this document can only be answered by our national revival — the revival of the nation within the habitat of Russian ethnic group. That is one side. And on the other — what, in fact, is the problem? In imperial Russia was very flexible on the national system of the provincial division of the country. And in the provinces of the various ethnic groups felt free enough. But the Communists came to power, decided to play for the national separatism and cutting of the map so that attributed to certain ethnic groups and those areas in which they never lived, they chop off from Russian. And modern Russia really torn on those joints that are outlined Ulyanov-Lenin, destroying the old boundaries of provinces "- recalled the priest. "In this situation, we certainly have to speak up on our traditional territories. We must recognize ourselves as a nation with their religious and cultural tradition. The Nation — this is the very limit of liability, which the Lord God has established. Why, then, Tartar can say this is my land, we will be on it dominate — Chechen possible, and not Russian? Rejection of imperial policy, and led to the chaos that we are now seeing who can blow up the unity of the vast lands that Russian people gathered around him ", — concluded the father Oleg. Archpriest Alexei Beginners, director of the Orthodox high school, rector of the Church of the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God of the village Dushonovo Schelkovskogo Moscow Region, also believes that to call a "normal" process of destruction of the nation state, in this case Russia, it is impossible. However, it is not surprising, said the pastor, according to which these processes are triggered more often. "We can see what’s going on in the world. A fire raging in the Middle East, and is getting closer to Russia, because in the new world order, one world state is not provided by the existence of nation-states, they must themselves be destroyed. In this direction, serious work. In fact, this is the third world war. The remaining more nation-states is ruining the U.S. State Department hands of nationalists and separatists in the environment of small nations "- drew the attention of his father Alexis. Counter this, the priest said, "can only deliberate actions aimed at strengthening the States that are still in a position to consider themselves as such." "Russia must show its viability. To do this, no other steps except how to return the Russian people, its rightful place in public life, to return his attitude toward authority and the army. The authorities should have the courage to say honestly, who is now our real enemies are going to do with our country. Then it will become clear what caused and what actions are aimed Tatar authorities. It is time to explain to the people in the face of the danger we are now. What to future trials is Russian people and the Russian state, we must strengthen, all rally around them. And Tatarstan should be interested in it, to stay safe. To do this, you need to strengthen and maintain a single nation state ", — concluded the priest. The abbot Hermogenes (Ananev), cleric of the Moscow Danilov Monastery, sure ethnocracies to prevent the emergence of the central government, as it is one of the functions of the state. "Certainly, the division of the population of the national republics to" title "and" non-titular "wrong — he said. — There should be no discrimination based on nationality. And such a law approved by the division is simply unacceptable in a single state. It is one thing a separate independent state, and another thing — a national entity within the overall unified state. Of course, the national culture should be developed and their representatives in no way be infringed or discriminated against. But the release of indigenous law in de facto national education makes all the other people in the second grade. " Rev. Alexander Shumsky, cleric of St. Nicholas in Khamovniki, stressed that the concept of leadership of Tatarstan is a program of separatism, but because she clearly unacceptable for Russia. "It’s very hard to stop — I would say to put out. Stalin was only with
the appearance of such thoughts in the Tatar leader immediately sent it to the Kolyma, and would have been right — that whatever is said about Stalin. Putin must now become the new Stalin to extinguish such separatist manifestations. Because of Tatarstan will be pulled, and others, and Russia will explode. Clearly, this West egg. Statement of the Tatar leader — is a mine under Putin, who is trying to pursue an imperial policy. It essentially collects the Russian Eurasian space and west of this terribly afraid "- believes the father of Alexander. According to the priest, to conduct a dialogue with the separatists can not, because they perceive any dialogue as weakness. "Only the tough imperial policy is appropriate. General as possible some more than the President of the Russian president? It may be, for example, the governor. But the mine was laid by Yeltsin to have state within a state. It’s scary dangerous precedent. It is obvious that the U.S. and is now working behind the scenes, and Saudi Arabia gets out. Therefore, it is appropriate here to recall Stalin, because he is very well aware of these things ", — concluded the priest. Priest Andrew Pasternak, director of the Traditional High School, Ph.D., noted that "the situation, unfortunately, is that such documents can take just small nations and national education. And if such a document to be adopted in respect of Russian and Russia as a whole, immediately rise and terrible outrage in our country and abroad, that our country is turning into a nationalist, chauvinist state. " "The problem is, I think, is obvious. If you do not throw out the baby with the water, of course, any small nation that exists within the Russian state, has the right to preserve their national and historical traditions. Such people have around a hundred. But the retention of these traditions should not infringe upon the rights of other nations, especially diminish the merits of the Russian people and the Russian heritage in Tatarstan. And then, unfortunately, there is indeed a certain discrimination of the Russian population — at least at the level of the major classes of posts. Most importantly, of course, to avoid ethnic hatred. You need to compromise. There are states, for example, Muslim, or Israel, which emphasizes the main priority of the nation, with its historical and religious traditions, which is a state-. If our government is just the Russian Federation, it does not take into account the historical heritage of the Russian people would be completely wrong. So the concept proposed in this paper, of course, need to be adjusted, all priorities must take its place. Most importantly, the problem was solved peacefully. We need a serious hard work ", — said the pastor. Hieromonk Makarios (Marques), a priest of St. Alexis of Ivanovo-Voznesensky Orthodox Theological Seminary, in turn, believes that if the president of Tatarstan took the decision illegal, it means that it "will be challenged in the courts and the Supreme Court it will cancel." "And if it is legal, it will remain in force as long as the people of Tatarstan will not take political action, not re-elect a political leadership," — he added. "If someone is not satisfied with something, then have the Russian people in Tatarstan to unite and express their will by the law," — says the shepherd. "Statements in the media" for "or" against "lead to the demolition of the foundations of consciousness of people, regardless of nationality, undermine respect for the way the state in which we live. National organizations tend to have a greater political will to achieve results. Therefore, it is necessary to counter this, or order, or to put up with it. I agree that Ethnocracy — not a healthy phenomenon, but you have to put up with the opinion of the majority, or to go against, if there is the political will to improve the situation ", — concluded the father Macarius.

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