Italians began to finance the construction of a tokamak Ignitor


The Italians are so interested in creating a nuclear fusion reactor, the newest "Ignitor" from the "Rosatom", which has already begun to finance the project without waiting for the signing of an intergovernmental agreement. This was announced on January 31, ITAR-TASS deputy director of the Institute of Tokamak Physics, National Research Center (SRC) "Kurchatov Institute" Mikhail Subbotin.

"Ignitor" was developed by Italian researchers in the development of the proposed Russian Academician Yevgeny Velikhov and Boris Kadomtsev tokamak concept with strong magnetic fields. In addition to "Kurchatov Institute" in the project involved "Troitsk Institute for Innovation and Fusion Research" (TRINITY), on the site which will be posted installation "Ignitor".    

"It is about creating a tokamak fusion to ignite a thermonuclear reaction with a dense high-temperature plasma, — he said. — The developer and the initiator of the project is an Italian professor Bruno Mines. But this is — parity project. The "Ignitor" and supported us in Russia. We will invest in it as much as the Italians. " 

"The Italians are so interested in the" Ignitor ", which has already begun to finance the project, not waiting for the signing of an intergovernmental agreement, — Subbotin said. — And the fact that they have not abandoned the project, even during the economic crisis, talks about its importance and global recognition of our scientists. "

Tokamaks engages the whole world, said the physicist. And they are developing in two directions — the so-called adiabatic tokamaks (project ITER, which is now being built in France, the efforts of eight countries, including Russia) and tokamaks with ohmic heating. They require very high magnetic fields. Before making their technology did not exist, but now such a possibility. And just in the "Ignitor" trying to implement it, said Mikhail Subbotin.

Advantages of Russia is that we have a unique energy field, which allows for the engineering infrastructure under this tokamak, he added. "Thus, you get a kind of co-operation: the Italians offer a tokamak design and production, and for our part we are investing engineering and diagnostic infrastructure, as well as provide a platform for placing the tokamak. Her feature in the structure of power networks and opportunities to serve. Near Troitsk It is quite possible without drawdown shoot for a short period of time required voltage. They have to do this all you need, including appropriate staff and infrastructure ", — Subbotin said.

It is assumed that the assembly and preparation of the site for the production of the "Ignitor", the Russian site preparation for its placement, assembly and testing to be completed by 2016-2017 years. From that moment, the 10 years of research on this tokamak.

In total, foreign funding already received three of the six proposed Russian class project "Mega-science." Apart from the "Ignitor" from the "Rosatom" $ 16 billion is also The high-beam-research reactor PIK designed to NRC "Kurchatov Institute" (project budget — 15 billion rubles), and a set of superconducting rings with colliding beams of heavy ions NICA Joint Institute for Nuclear physics (15 billion rubles).

"The project supports the PIC Germany, has already allocated equipment worth about 29 million euros. Italy, despite its financial problems, wants to develop the scientific potential and laid in the budget of 80 million euros to support the project" Ignitor ". NICA project is supported by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research , a willingness to back the financial interest of South Africa and shows that something will allocate the CIS " — Director of the Department of Education and Science of international integration Igor Protsenko.

According to the director of the Research Center "Kurchatov Institute" Mikhail Kovalchuk, this result is logical. In the past two decades, he said, despite the difficult times for science, and the development of Russian scientists were very much in demand in major nuclear projects, and our country "Turned into a house of intellectual fashion". Russia, according to Kovalchuk, has made an enormous contribution to the international big science, and it is now time "Pay attention to the internal problems and create Megascience inside the country."

According to him, a very great prospects opening solutions held in this year of the Government Commission on High Technology and Innovation in Dubna. "It has been said that the government is investing heavily in the creation of a national home megaustanovok, — Kovalchuk said. — Tfor we are talking about building colliders, accelerators in Russia. This is a huge thing, it’s great prospects for science, although the project will be international. But it’s for the best, because further strengthen the authority of the Russian science. "

"Globally, we are beginning to return to the positions that are occupied in the world of science in Soviet times, but on a new level", — the director of the SIC CI.



January 31 

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