Its hard to be a god. A prophet — even harder!




With Natasha Pavlenko we know three years, two of which she is not "encrypted". Now I clearly know what does this beautiful blonde and why she does not want to know about its activities to the masses. The explanation is simple: sometimes Natasha does not have time to help everyone who asks her about it.

And because it is necessary also to solve administrative problems, Pavlenko now "at the post." And when I once again try to persuade her to interview, Natasha does not agree. "You're a bit of traveling with me, she'll see something, anything you ask." Every day we sit in the car and begin a journey through the city and surrounding areas. And then rolls to have a strange feeling that the air is sticky and I can touch it passed.

Down … Down … Down …
In the distant past … It is really a sorceress! I can see the concrete pavement and bewildered girl with a portfolio that has torn at the knee woolen tights. Natasha to 13 years thought of herself that she is completely normal child. But the older you get, the more surprised. It turns out that her pals, relatives, teachers in the school and the neighbors do not possess the ability to know something in advance and just like her, to feel other people. The latter was a great discovery for the girl, completely overturned her inner world.

She continued to dream fantastically vivid dreams that come true in a month or two. Weddings and divorces, arguments and wins the lottery, illness, travel, fire, girl could predict accurately. And she saw the foreign cities where they fell, and meeting with people that eventually necessarily overlap. Natasha was reading his and others' future as an open book. And that she sometimes got scared.

Already in the year of high school, just before entering the School of Music, she saw him in a dream and clearly realized that this odd stranger who is — destiny. Male and female friends she recklessly predicted "about love", prophecy often come true, Natasha is filled incredible joy.

…His son, whose name Styopka, Natasha saw long before pregnant. He dreamed of her at different ages: just a little boy, a teenager and a solid, successful men. However, until the last stage of Stepan has not yet matured. But the children's and teenage portraits coincide with reality. By the way, after the first appeared to her son, Natasha terribly wanted to be a mother, and soon she had met him. Stepan was born at term and healthy. What is Natasha and no doubt! A close sometimes inadequately perceived her "second sight." Do not believe or worse — ridiculed. Apparently, because of this and have not developed a relationship with Natasha's father's eldest son. She was left alone (which is also foreseen), with a baby and a pauper orchestral salary.

Top … up … up …
And now, looking at the strong and self-confident lady, do not say that she had to go through before it gained independence and became involved in things you love. Phone rings constantly at Pavlenko. Now Natalia — a leading specialist in St. Petersburg "delicate matters", in charge of human destiny.

We stand at the airport. The plane, which she meets canceled. Natasha is upset: "I say to myself that today do not need to travel to Pulkovo! How long does it knowingly killed! And it could be a long time to be at work. "

It works in a very serious "office" — the Academy of National Security. The head of a special department dedicated to the development of latent possibilities of man. And so tired of the "strategic" objectives that in everyday life trying not to use their gifts. But sometimes gut feeling still comes out from somewhere in the subconscious. As with the canceled plane. In such cases, Natasha rebels and does not listen to herself. She even wants to be a moment an ordinary woman.

— Do you have that, though, there is a complex, when you get close to ordinary people? — I was amazed as we get out of the airport into the city.

— I try to avoid it! But … I am very hard given. Imagine, "" believes passerby. And that sensitive personal information is astounding. How fascinating film look. One time I had a feeling that reality is not interested at all. And the vast majority do not see or know. Therefore, we do not understand each other.

Down … Down … Down …
After she became a music school to teach. A teacher in essence, Natasha is with great pleasure working with people. It is generally very sociable. Simultaneously playing in a symphony orchestra, where a brand new idolized. Under the influence of good music abilities flourished. Listening to a particular passage from the classics, Natasha saw some picture of life counterparts. And yet she felt what mood the composer wrote a particular opus. Perhaps it was one of the best periods of her life. By the way, with his father Stepan played together in a quartet. After the divorce, was forced to change the social circle. As they say, there would be a blessing in disguise.

— Treat and deal with issues relating to human psychology, I started before the second marriage. Pregnancy was very difficult, and my daughter was born prematurely. I prayed for her and cried into my pillow as long as there was no clear sense of: Pauline and everything will be fine. But how is it treated? How to help? I attended to the problem — to find people who have knowledge. After all, they would just advise me how to quickly put her daughter up.

Education and self-education process was finalized. And Natasha — a graduate of eniologii, astrology and psychology.

Top … Top … Top …
"The first commandment psychic — do no harm" — sigh Natasha. A cheaters in this profession oh so much. To those who work, Pavlenko is an equal partner.

— How do you feel about magicians, fortune tellers and sorceress giving advertisement in the newspapers?

— Under the pretext that "we are all tarred with the same brush", many allow themselves a violation of professional ethics. In our profession it is — a taboo! After going gets tough consequences, from mental health problems to death. While the system is "catching" unscrupulous sorcerers only created us, but when it is working, everything will change. And it will be difficult to do bad things. It does not matter, for the money or at the behest of the soul.

Down … Down … Down …
With the "black art" here in Petersburg, the situation is very bad. Sorcerers by an inability or intentionally injure their clients. And Natasha every day feeling the effects of these "twists" next to each other. Just before the New Year it turned Constantine S., in the past — a successful businessman and father of a large family. And now living in the "hruschobe" on the outskirts of a lone wolf. Started to figure out where to send him to failure, and the man remembered that once five years ago for my birthday friends bought him a session at the famous fortune teller. "This grandmother moved her hands on me," — said Konstantin. He has not given passes quack value, and it turns out "session" had serious consequences. Pavlenko struggles to help this man, but it took a lot of time.

I guess I would not believe "all this nonsense", if she did not see the power of Natasha. Do friend died in intensive care infant. Doctors do not understand the causes and stabbed him with antibiotics. When I persuaded the family to call the hospital Pavlenko, nurses reared. They are graduates, can not help, but there's some "wise woman"! Two days later, the boy was much better. Now that the crisis is over, thank the department Pavlenko. "How did you do that?" And she herself can not explain how.

I know that Natasha and his colleagues have repeatedly traveled to the "special" expedition. She studied the extraordinary phenomena of nature, the anomalous zones. The Last Voyage of the Kola Peninsula, in the Lake District Seydyavr (water which is phenomenal in its properties), gave her a lot of strength. The expedition was in the cemetery of shamans and Lavozerskuyu tundra … Probably Pavlenko not think about the fact that she has long been a phenomenon. And her "stuff" it is quite possible to defend a thesis. At least none of my friends are not able to call me on the "tube" in broad daylight and said, "A man with a mustache, a store." Lost my wallet at the time really was at the uncles with glasses and a mustache who helplessly turned it over at the entrance to the supermarket.

Top … Top … Top …
— What problems are often concerned about your guests?

— Loneliness, lack of understanding or lack of attention. Fear, insecurity, fear for the children. Even people who have good material base, not sure about the future. How to make a difference, do not know. Communicate with each other do not want. And life is now such that the change is dangerous.

— That is the main social theme today — disunity?

— Isolation of the people and the society suffers the same than its individual members. We are trying to copy Western political system, but not ready for it internally. Treatment of such a calamity is possible only when a collective psychotherapy alternates with personal introspection, and before that we were far away. Of course, in the forefront of the movement are always people who take most of the load on himself.

— How Kashpirovsky and Chumak once who treated the whole country?

— Well, it was more a demonstration of its features. Very selfish, really. This is not a programming mass consciousness. Work with water and everyone can, not necessarily psychic.

— Yes? And what will it take?

— Certainly not to be God. There are special methods by which the charging of water possess any. The main thing — internal readiness. Without it, any theory is dead.

— So, you are almost gods? Interfering with fate, and have a right to it?

— I'm not trying to compete with God. Again, every man changes himself. And if he wants life went in a different way, you'll first need to review their internal values. You can not rebuild something artificial. Turn in life comes only when people prepared for it, and this is — God's providence.

— How much time is necessary that people rebuilt their world?

— Sometimes the shift is happening at once. And enough of a conversation to someone senses and turned to face life. It is also important to "want" and "should" merge into one. And sometimes the opposite. Man deliberately set himself some external goal, forgetting the spiritual world and health. And then it starts to hurt and "stagnate". There is no balance in metabolic processes. And they — the essence of life. We need to help a person determine his real purpose in life. Often, the purpose of which a man says, illusory, and in actual fact, deep down, he wants to completely different. The healing process — is the synchronization of thoughts and feelings.

Down … Down … Down …
God be difficult. Because it is not always possible to squander the gift itself. Natasha holds a sense of duty and helps those who are in dire need of leaving "for later" prophecies about themselves and their loved ones … The second divorce crossed a few years of her life and nearly cost communication with her daughter Pauline.

At least for five minutes, she wants to be an ordinary woman who likes being taken care of and protect, which give flowers and gifts. But … hear another phone call, and Natasha throws into the phone: "I'm going!" And here we are again in the car on the way to the airport, where it must meet international delegation. While they clear customs, I scratched and language to ask something about my future. "This is to give up smoking, such a person in your life will be!" — Natasha laughing. Conversations about the dangers of smoking, it is with me and planned for a long time. And, apparently, decided to use this time more effective methods.

MK number one in St. Petersburg in 2004

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